Passive income that can support you is a dream for many. While some people love to work, others would much rather find other fulfilling things to do with their lives. Passive income allows you to enjoy the money coming in without having to do anything to keep it going, or only having to do a little bit of work. Many sources of passive income are unlikely to bring you much money. However, there are others that can help you to earn real money. They might require an initial effort to get set up and some maintenance too, but if you make the right choices, you can generate a steady income.

Property Rentals

Real estate is one of the major types of investment that many people want to get into. Building a property portfolio takes work, but it’s possible to set up rental properties that don’t need much of your attention. By handing over the work to real estate agents and property managers, you can afford to sit back and watch the money coming in. Of course, this can increase your expenses, but it’s worth it if you don’t want to be a hands-on landlord. A property management service can take care of your tenants needs, but make sure you choose one that you can trust.


Trading is another way you might consider making some passive income. While it traditionally requires a lot of work, many people eventually try out algorithmic trading, which allows them to carry out their trading plans automatically. Using automated trading software, you can achieve your passive income goals. It won’t mean that you never have to do any work again, but it will help you to automatically execute your orders much faster. There are lots of tools and services to help you so you can take much of the work out of trading.

Running a Passive Business

Setting up a business isn’t exactly easy. While getting the basics in place doesn’t have to be difficult, getting people to actually spend money with your business is the tough part. But you can still turn a business into passive income if you do it right. Many businesses can be set up to generate income practically on their own. For example, if you create an online store and use a fulfillment service, you won’t need to worry about sending people’s orders. You can use outsourcers to take care of pretty much anything, so you don’t have to do much.

Market Your Digital Content

Digital content can be a great thing to sell if you want a passive income. There’s no need to arrange anything like posting products to customers, even though there is work involved in getting everything set up. Some of the things you could sell include ebooks and online courses. These types of content are informative and valuable. You can sell them through various platforms, including your own website.

If you want to make proper money with passive income, you need to be prepared to put in some work first. Once everything is up and running, you might not need to do much at all.


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