You most definitely won’t have played this game yet because it’s relatively obscure and strange. But Karoshi is a really fun little project from YoYo Games (now owned by Playtech). This is certainly one of the craziest platform games you can play on mobile devices. In the game, you play as a man named Mr. Karoshi who is sick of his job and wants to end it all. Given that “karoshi” is a Japanese word which translates to “death by overwork”, this makes a lot of sense. It’s quite a dark theme, in many ways, but the game is focused on the player solving puzzles and problems to kill Karoshi. It’s not a violent game; it’s a puzzle game with a dark undertone.

Final Fantasy XV.

It’s a well-known franchise on bigger consoles, but Square Enix has also developed some versions for mobile platforms. You can experience a new kind of adventure in Final Fantasy XV. It’s a very recent release from the company, and it’s certainly one of the most interesting mobile games they’ve developed. Being a strategy game, it’s perfectly suited to gamers who like to think logically. If you’re someone who feels satisfaction after executing a well-calculated war plan (in a virtual world, of course) then Final Fantasy XV is probably the perfect game for you to try out on your phone. It comes with exciting characters, stories, and settings; basically, you’ll have all the things for which the franchise has become so well-known and loved over the years.

Alto’s Adventure.

One of the better games of 2018 is Alto’s Adventure. It’s a simple platform game, but don’t let the straightforward mechanics of this project fool you. There’s a lot of beauty to the way in which this snowboarding platformer has been designed. The sepia-toned graphics with block colors bring to mind other simplistic yet beautiful platform games, such as Limbo (another fantastic game worth playing). Whilst it doesn’t offer an intriguing storyline in the same way as that game, Alto’s Adventure does offer scenic beauty and a tranquil soundtrack. Gliding down virtual mountains is incredibly soothing. After a long and stressful day, this is the perfect game to play if you want to unwind.

Helix Jump.

If you’ve not played this game yet then you’re missing out on your next new addiction. Helix Jump is a platformer that involves a falling ball which you’re trying to guide to the bottom of a helix maze. It’s in adverts all over the internet, so you’ve probably seen it even if you can’t remember seeing it. It’s a very fun game to play, and it’ll help to sharpen up your reflexes. Just don’t spend too many hours trying to top the leaderboards.


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