If you’re in the early stages of launching a business, whether this is a service such as a web design agency or something more product based such as an app, or SAAS, then sooner or later you’re going to be required to make a good impression on external parties; be this investors or customers.

Whilst everyone likes an underdog, and there can be many benefits associated with starting small and utilising your humble beginning as a brand positioning strategy, there are times, when you do need to make a big impression – often on a small budget.

In this article, we’re going to look at a five ways of doing just that.


One of the first things people will notice if they are doing business with you that could give the game away you’re “small time” is if you publish a residential address as your place of business. Straight away, this looks like the interested party are dealing with amateurs, and for this reason it can be a good idea to have a credible physical address using a web business address service – that can provide you with a legitimate yet virtual address.

This is particularly relevant if you are registering a company, as most times, the company’s registered address is made available in the public domain, meaning anyone can view the address, and in addition to credibility – there’s also the aspect of privacy and security to consider, in the sense that you don’t necessarily want the world to know where you live.

The other major benefit, of course, is that having a professional business address makes you come across more professionally, or rather, it is expected that you will have a business address; meaning you will be noticed much more if you don’t, for bad reasons.


If you’re an app or web based company, then you really do need a good web address. The majority of domains can be pretty cheap to buy, from as little as $1 – yet, if you want something that is a bit more prestigious, relevant or concise, .com domains can reach several thousands, if not tens of thousands.

That said, the prime real estate associated with a good web domain is often worth the investment. Indeed, this is your predominant vehicle in terms of branding, and therefore it’s imperative you have a good domain name.

There are many variations, such as .net and .co but in reality, the .com is the domain extension you need to build credibility and create a good impression.


There are many phone answering services available that cost very little, but create a much more professional feel for your company. This way, you can use a landline number that is answered by a real person, who poses to work for your company, as an assistant or receptionist.

The person ringing, will assume the person on the other end is your assistant or secretary, rather than someone in a call centre whose job it is to answer the phone for hundreds of companies, and record messages.

This creates a lot more credibility, than you answering the phone yourself, as it makes you seem more established and in demand. Furthermore, it means you never miss a call – plus, can speak to people when it is good for you, rather than be caught off guard, and put on the spot.

The one thing you really don’t want to do is feature your mobile phone number on your website, as the point of contact, because this suggests you are very small and creates an impression that you are just an amateur.


Of course, if you have a web based business or are developing an app, then you will need an impressive website that showcases your digital talent. That said, it’s amazing how many designers use a simple wordpress template that undersells their skills and service – therefore, be sure to invest the time and energy into developing a site that positions you as credible.

You will also want to ensure it loads quickly and correctly on multiple browsers and devices, making sure you utilise responsive design to a variety of breakpoints meaning it can be viewed correctly across all devices and platforms.


The final point is a short one, as it’s pretty obvious, yet some people forget just how important this is. Make sure you keep on top of your appearance, by wearing nice clothes, tending to your hair and personal grooming rituals and even small things such as keeping your nails trimmed. It all makes a difference in terms of creating a good impression and costs very little.


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