Every small business knows the importance of an online presence, and as such, invests time and effort in honing the perfect Twitter Feed, the most perfectly coiffed Instagram images and the most official looking Facebook page. It’s vital that startups embrace the millennials’ communication method of choice and be interactive with their potential customer bases. Businesses have been breaking down the official and formal tone of their messages to become more human, relevant and chatty with their followers. Social media has taken the world by storm in the past decade and businesses have been forced to embrace this new platform. However, the website of a business is still the end goal to which traffic needs to be directed. Is your website fit for purpose?


It’s imperative that your website can compete with your industry rivals. If it has lag, is slow, cannot be navigated easily or is simply a mess to look at, then your potential source of revenue will go elsewhere. Your company is not alone in the market, and there are a wealth of competitors ready to secure the business you should be enjoying.

Ensure that your website emulates your branding and is unfussy yet elegant. Ensure that the menu is frozen so that it is visible at all time when scrolling. Aesthetically it needs to mimic the color, styling and ethos of your brand. If you have a cool graffiti font and comic book style logo, don’t opt for a smattering of Times New Roman for your content. It will simply look odd. Keep it simple, professional and intuitive.


If you don’t know your SEO from your CRM, it’s time to consider outsourcing the management of your website to an external specialist. Companies across the world will vie to take on your site. They do more than simply adding new links or new blog posts. They will analyze the traffic that your website receives, hone your keywords and attempt to drive more visitors from your social network feeds. An outsourced website should receive more hits and more orders than one maintained in-house.


If you have any sort of customer section on your website that allows clientele to log in view data, it’s vital that you have security measures in place. Password protection is good up to a point. To provide your customer with more reassurance and to protect the integrity of your business, consider implementing software that will verify customer documents with ease using facial recognition. This means you can be certain that only the right people ever get to view the data on your website.

Designing a website isn’t the hard part what with WordPress dominating the market and drag and drop website builders becoming more commonplace, and being relatively easy to use even if you have no website experience at all. The tricky part is managing your content and ensuring that it is fit for purpose. Clue yourself up or outsource, and ensure that your website remains relevant, refreshed and updated at all times.


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