By now, it’s now commonly accepted that a winning web presence is crucial for businesses of all sizes and backgrounds. Whether it’s an exclusively digital venture or a previously offline one isn’t overly important. The World Wide Web is your key unlocking greater profits and reaching new audiences. However, simply building a website isn’t enough.

Online audiences in 2017 are more demanding than ever before. Subsequently, ensuring that your web presence is engineered to secure the very best level of response is crucial. Focus on the following factors below, and you won’t go far wrong.

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Setting A Great First Impression

With over one billion active websites on the market, your first online challenge is to ensure that your company is visible. Given that most internet users still turn to Google when searching for a product, finding ways to rank highly through smart SEO is vital.

However, simply getting your brand seen isn’t enough in 2017. Nowadays, it’s imperative that you provide customers with an additional motivation to choose your site over others. Successful video marketing campaigns will increase the familiarity. Moreover, they’ll generate a connection before the customer has even completed a deal. Just remember that different demographics respond to varying ideas. Your content must be directed specifically towards their needs.

In truth, a great first impression is unlikely to convert a sale. Conversely, though, a bad one could end your chances before you’ve even had a chance to get started. Get it right, and you’re already on the pathway to success.

Ensuring The The Systems Work As Expected

Simply getting a customer to visit your website is a breakthrough, but you must not give them any reason to doubt your business. From the user’s perspective, there is nothing more frustrating than a website that either looks bad or doesn’t navigate well.

Before going live, it’s imperative that you think about the user experience. Using qTest for JIRA test management will allow you to check all systems are working properly. Not only can this aid the mechanics behind the browser experience, but it can also be used to track the mobile versions. Similarly, you need to give your Apps full attention too.

Perhaps the biggest threat to the website’s success, however, is regular downtime. Choosing the best web hosting service will ensure that your site remains live, which will boost your hopes of long-term success.

Removing Any Fears Regarding Trust

Online success doesn’t come from visits, though. Converted sales figures are the only aspect that truly matter. Unfortunately, no customer will part with their money if the services are lacking.

First and foremost, you must ensure that your ecommerce systems are in place. Likewise, customer data must be protected at all times too. In addition to those aspects, though, the consumer must be able to trust your business. Accessible contact details and suitable returns policies will go a long way to helping your cause.

There’s no greater confidence booster than positive results. Showcase your respectable nature with testimonials and reviews at every opportunity. It could make all the difference as you aim to get that sale over the line.


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