The key to running a great business? It lives and dies on how well your computers are performing. If your computers are chuntering along like a car in need of a fixing, then your business is being held back – is it not?

We’ve all been there. Staring in impotent rage as the egg timer flicks back and forth on the screen as something loads up – knowing there is nothing we can do as the small topsy-turvy icon mocks us.

If we get the most out of our computers, we are allowing ourselves to get the most out of our businesses. It is that simple. Thankfully, that’s not hard.

Firstly – make sure your computers are up to date with the latest edition of the operating system they are running on. This is a good idea as operating systems can get buggy as they age and the updates provided by the supplier can go a long way to making them more efficient before they are upgraded. That being said, if you are running your business on an outdated operating system like XP or Snow Leopard, it might be time for a wholescale upgrade.

Buying new computers doesn’t come cheap, but neither does a lack of efficiency or productivity. If your computers are ageing, upgrade them and replace them with new models that are more efficient. This will allow your computers to access the latest (and in some cases, much needed) software as well as the newer versions of operating systems. In many cases these newer computers will be futureproof, possibly lasting your business for six years or more. As a bonus, it may lower your carbon footprint as many computers are a lot ‘greener’ than their older counterparts. An upgrade could do a lot for you.


Now, there a lot of things to do when running a business – mainly running the business! A good way of getting the most out of your systems would be to delegate this task to managed it support services who can take the burden from you and run your systems so you can focus on doing what you do best.

The simplest, cheapest and easiest way to optimize your systems is to clean them – inside and out. Now, this is both physical and metaphorical. Computers are full of cooling fans which can suck in a lot of pollution in the form of dust and dirt. This happens naturally, but is accelerated by a dirty working environment. Get the dust out of your systems with microfibre static-free wipes. Cleaning the system is different – but simply remove the files and software packages that you no longer need to get your computer running a bit faster. Our computers store plenty of useless temporary files that will play a big part in slowing down our computers, so get rid of anything you don’t need.

The path to optimized systems isn’t hard – it just requires effort and if you can’t do it, get the professionals in who can. The benefits can really boost your business.


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