Having a video on your website can really make it look professional and stand out. Whether you’re promoting a product, message, or just making something of interest for your viewers it can be a defining factor in what makes you site unique. There are certain consideration of course, it needs to fit in with your website’s theme for example, but otherwise it can look great. Here are some hints and tips regarding web video and how you can get the best out of it.

Get The Editing Right

Editing is a huge part of video creation, whether in blockbuster hollywood movies or classroom creation. The right editing can create tone and really drive the message you want to get across. It isn’t easy, and you may benefit from certain training in video editing software such as Adobe Premiere Pro training. Having professional insight and advice can help you create stellar videos which really stand out. If you’re planning on creating more than one video for your website then getting pro training in editing can really pay off.


Use Auto Play Sparingly

I’m sure you can imagine a time where you have clicked onto a website to be forcibly subjected to something loud and irritating. Only use auto play if you really think it will offer you a benefit. You should let people click play themselves. If you really want to use it consider putting the video on another page, not on the landing page.

Create A Compelling Thumbnail

The thumbnail is the still picture people see before clicking on a video. You need to make it compelling and click friendly to attract people to your video. The same applies to the caption. It needs to stand out and grab people’s attention. Doing this is far better than using autoplay as it puts the decision in the hands of the person visiting your site.

Length Is Key

You need to get the length right. Remember, this isn’t a video that people may immediately want to watch, especially if it is advertising. You don’t want it to ramble on for too long otherwise people will get bored and leave. If your site deals with reviews or entertainment then you have license to make it longer, just bear it in mind. Put yourself in their shoes and try to work out how long you’d like to listen to your specific message.


Make It Pertinent

You need to ensure your video content is pertinent to your site. For example if you deal with electrical products a video review of an electrical product would be good or a video showing how effective a product can be. Don’t go too far off piste or you’ll alienate and confuse your viewers. If you want to create separate content then make a different page on your website. Having video categories helps just as much as having separate article categories. To make your video stand out you need to make the video in line with the website’s general message.


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