In a present world, people are moving on with digital assistants like mobile phones and tablets. Because of that, almost all the websites which are being deployed tend to become mobile friendly.This adaptation is known as the responsive web design which provides optimal viewing and interaction experiences. Web designs change with the development of the internet accessibility of people all around the world. As nowadays, peoples are having higher bandwidth. So that bandwidth consuming websites are also prominent.
Using of common UI patterns is not a bad thing. The UI designs have developed gradually, therefore, it is not required to re-invent new UI designs. The requirement UI pattern is to navigate the user smoothly.

Sign-up integrated with Social Media


Sign up page of web sites were a headache early days, there was a friction in that sign-up process. Users hesitate to sign up for sites as it takes some time to complete the sign-up process. But modern sign up templates have mitigated that friction. That is done using social accounts to ease the user to sign up. This method does not affect the flow of the user.
Have you seen card layouts in web sites? Especially in mobile web. That takes a major place because it is really useful to present important information in chunks. Each card represents completely different facts.

User attention is grabbed using HD hero images which does not take longer times to load because of the data compression.
Animations used in web designs can be taken under two categories. They are,
• Large scale
• Small scale

Mobile Views Priority

Using these animations the user experience can be made more interactive and entertaining. In order to save screen space, nowadays hidden navigation menus or the so-called “Hamburger menu” have become very popular. For the photography sites, we can use galleries and slideshows to show multiple photos without annoying the user. For the menu items, motion animations will be a perfect tool as it will draw user attention.These motion animations are a technique which physically manipulate an object that appears to move on its own. The movement is with small increments.

Still Must-Have

Most of the designers are aware of timelines in web designs. Especially because of the Facebook. A Timeline is one of the best ways to display chronological events accurately. In most of the sites, A Timeline can be used in ‘About Us’ page to show important events. Else to represent the company’s story.


Similar to portfolio, but most designer may find creating portfolio is easier in using their creativity on how to implement this element to show their works, but When creating web designs you don’t have to do what other people are doing. I mean if everybody goes left, you don’t have to go left. You should decide what’s best for you. Trends represent only popular techniques. You have to use proper technique which matches with your user.

Always pick the most suitable one from your tool box. These trends are only additional tools in that box. Remember that perfect font size and styles in appropriate places of the design will also draw the user attention for your design. Thanks a lot for sticking into my piece of work. Hope this will help your design plans in upcoming year.


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