Online shopping is related with electronic commerce which is known as e-commerce. It is the trading of products and services using World Wide Web as the host. This business does not need any physical shops. No more burden in fancy shops as internet provides the virtual shopping space. Simply creating dynamic web pages and hosting the site does the whole job itself.

November 11th has become a special festival during recent years. With four characters of “1”, this date is identified as Bachelor’s Day. On this day, young people will hold bachelor parties to create couples or simply have fun. Some people choose to end their bachelor life by showing love or proposing for marriage.


Where it all begins
In 2009, Alibaba held the initial event, astonishing the online shopping for the very first time. Tmall “Double 11” (“Shuang Shi Yi in Chinese) is now the biggest online shopping festival in China. Huge promotions in the name of celebrating Nov 11 Bachelor’s Day usually starts in October with large amount of discounts lined up.

Now the event become not only for single young people but for most of the generations. Consumers have learned to add favorites in shopping cart in advance, then when time comes, all they need is to click purchase button and make the payment for it.


Biggest Shopping Spree Ever
Online shopping has grown hugely popular in China and this 11th November has become a shopping holiday. Alibaba “Double 11” is the world’s largest shopping festival since Alibaba is the leader in e-commerce on China mainland. This works on the same scenario as Black Friday, except that it occurs online only so we could also say that it’s more similar to Cyber Monday. This event falls on November 11th and last 24hrs on that day which makes people busy with online shopping as more and more online deals are available.

Some stores are offering a presale options with buyers can pay for a few amount as deposit to make sure they can get the product they want but have to pay the rest on the big day November 11. Some also offering a “Hong bao” or Red envelope as a bonus money for their customers and a further reduction if people reached certain amounts on their purchases. Promotions make it an informal holiday for the country’s single people to shop online with a reason. Alibaba’s Taobao and Tmall websites meet with total sales of approximately 35 billion yuan on this special day.


Goods arrives to your door
Now because of the online shopping with Alibaba you don’t have to waste your time to go to shops to buy your requirements. You can easily search your requirements simply by clicking a mouse button sitting in front of your computer or using your mobile phone. This Alibaba “Double 11” enables consumers to right away buy products from the supplier. Benefits of this are reduced price due to absence of any brokers and middle people and as Alibaba has the highest market share it also given you best benefits.


Big brands coming in
Alibaba “Double 11” allows consumer to electronically exchange products and services without barriers of distance or time. Alibaba has expanded quickly over the past years. It is predicted to continue at this rate which they predicts this year event would rack 100 billion yuan (around USD 15billion), or even accelerate. In the near future the gap between electronic and traditional commerce will become increasingly blemished as more and more businesses move pieces of their actions onto the Internet.

The deals on this day are online-only and generally offered by all segments of retailers from international big brands to new retailers with diversity of products being offered ranging from fresh foods to electronic device and even a car. All are ready to offer great discounts to serve billions of people in the country. Alibaba “Double 11” is larger for fashion retail and shoes deals with the right timing of seasonal change with holiday season are on the way will really amaze online customers.


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