If you are looking for anything such as places to rent or a babysitter, as well as almost anything else, then you have come to the right place. These are only a few of the classified ads that these classifieds carry. No matter what you need, always look first at the classified ads. This is the next generation of classified ads -free. Post free ads in Tanzania!

This is a free service for posting classified ads on the internet that at this time is currently working in several countries. They offer a wide range of services, from fashion, education, home, art, vehicles and jobs. You can use these classifieds for both buying and selling.

You are able to post a free ad for almost anything including computer repairs as there are a lot of people in this new world of technology that use computers but have no idea how to fix them when something happens to them. But on the classifieds there are many places that fix computers as well as classes teaching you how to be a computer repair person which would be great if right now you don’t have a job.

To find an item that you might be looking for such as a used car – first go to the region you want to get the car from and then click on the items for sale (you will also get items to buy). Today is your lucky day – you are the only one listed looking for a used car but there are 3 people who have used cars they want to sell. So just call one of these persons and make an appointment to see the car.

Your wife needs to use the classified also – since you and she are invited to a wedding and you need a babysitter for your baby. Again must be your lucky day, just several streets over there is a babysitter that will come and babysit in your home.


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