While having a very good style design for a website is true, it only drops when it takes a lot of loading time for users who have average to slow internet connection to load a single page. That is why many developers when creating websites make use of single colors in their design. Sometimes when they add graphics or images to their website, they keep photo qualities intact while only choose the most appropriate file format that makes it faster to load. But having a very simple website is not enough for some owners of website.

There should be creativity and user interaction that makes them like to navigate your website more. CMS sites are preferred by majority of site owners and developers today because it manages your site in a way without thinking too much about the backend or coding side that makes it complicated for those who do not know a thing about web development. Developers create themes both free and paid ones and offer it to the world that are in need of them.


Koplax is a CMS theme for WordPress, a blogging, open source CMS platform that is very popular today. It is a perfect choice for portfolio websites because it showcases your work in an organized way and it does not have too much clutter that irritates the viewer’s eye. With creative effects and modern looks, it is a sure way to bring your website page ranking higher. You can check the demo here.

• The Koplax theme is implemented with the Full Slider background effect and the Shuffle Letters Effect which give the website its kind of creativity look. To edit these effects, you can adjust them via the backend panel of this theme.
• It is a responsive theme in which it retains it style, effects, design and other features even when the website or theme is viewed on different devices or screen size whether it be smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC.
• You can customize the theme freely with the use of its powerful administrator panel. The framework used to develop this theme provides easy customization to its user and manage it practically by using point-click features.
• The backend of this theme provides user extensive features to have high usability options. It enables the admin or the owner of the site to configure the logo, slogan or site title. You can even change the contents of it, add custom menu, and many more.

There are more features in the Koplax theme such as extra plugins, metadata, favicon, import export widget or the theme configuration. When you download this theme it comes with an extensive documentation that will assist you should you need any clarification when you customize your website with this theme.


Enjoy blogging, love everything about Designs, and a WordPress Evangelist.

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