As you build your first website, you need to start by getting a domain name or a URL. You then have to get a hosting account so that you can put the actual files online and connect them to your URL, which is when you really have a website. One without the other will not work. It is worth taking some time to look at the best hosting sites out there. For example, ZeroLag offers the fastest Magento hosting.


After you create the profile for the hosting services, you should note that you may be asked to log into the site every year or so, even if you are not making any changes to your site. This just shows the company that you are still interested in running your website, that you have not forgotten about it or abandoned it. If you do not log in often enough, your account could be suspended until you log in again, which would take your site down, so you should definitely see if the hosting company that you pick has any sort of limitation like this.


The hosting companies have to do things like this because they have limited space. You are renting some of it, but there are many other people who are interested if you stop using it. They try to keep track of who still needs it and who does not so that they can sell it to one of these interested parties. Logging in is an easy way to keep your site going.


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