Registering domain name has its share of do’s and don’ts. Below we’ve given 10 valuable tips or advice that must be thoroughly kept in mind while registering your domain name.

Your domain name must be Short, Sweet & Catchy
Remember people will come across your domain name even before they enter your website. Actually your domain name will be the most important brand ambassador of your website. Therefore you simply can’t afford to name your most important ambassador (domain name) with a dull & boring name. If anything your domain name must be exciting & catchy, catchy enough to convert millions of potential visitors into regular visitors of your website. And a way to catchy domain name is to keep it as short & sweet as possible. It’s a well acknowledge fact that a short domain name is more likely to create a market buzz then needlessly big & large domain name.

Your domain name must convey the essence of your business
This is no rocket science at all. It is but obvious that your domain name must be able to convey what your website & business is all about. Actually this thing is so obvious that we don’t even have to explain it any further. Nevertheless we thought it is at least important to remind you about it.

Check your competitor’s domain name
When you’re in the process of finalizing your domain name, do make it a point to check your competitor’s domain names. No, not for inspiration but merely to check how good or bad your competitor’s domain names are. If anything this might just help you in coming with a name that is far, far better than all your competitor’s domain name. Besides, this will also ensure that whichever domain name you choose won’t be anywhere similar to any of your competitors.


If yours is a SEO website then include a keyword in your domain name
Our advice to all the budding SEO professionals is that they must include a keyword in their domain name. Needless to say, keyword must pertain to the niche business that the SEO website is trying to sell and has to be amongst the most searched keywords. This will help in higher Google search ranking and subsequently will lead to more traffic for your website.

Prefer .com over .net, .in and .org
Traditionally .com domain name has done much better than other counter parts like .net, .in and .org.
In fact .com is undisputed leader in the domain name market. If you yourself scan the internet world you’ll find that almost every website is registered with .com domain name. Even internet analysts claim that internet browsers across the world repose more faith & trust on websites with .com domain name. So, our advice to you is to prefer .com over .net & .in.

Protect your domain name – Register Common Extensions
If you’ve indeed been successful in getting a .com domain then immediately register the same domain name with other extensions too, i.e. .org, in and .net. Why? You might argue that in the preceding point we’d claimed that .com is the best domain amongst, then why register common Extension? Simply because it will completely protect your domain name in the internet world.

Avoid hyphenated domain names
Do you know websites with hyphenated (-) domain name enjoy very low creditability in the internet world. They are perceived with immense suspicion. Most internet browsers across the world see them as spam indicators. So you would be doing great harm to your business if you decide to include hyphen in your domain name. Our sincere advice to you is don’t even think of including it.


Register your domain name only with a reputed company
Are you thinking of registering your domain name with one of those hordes of companies who offer free domain name registration services, or with a unknown company whose amazing discount rates has completely hooked you up. Our sincere advice is to ignore all of them and go only for reputed & renowned companies. Advantages of choosing a reputed company over unknown company are enormous. Some of them have been listed below:

• Your domain name will never expire without prior notice; however you can’t be sure of this if you chose to register with an unknown company.
• You will get complete tech/customer service support
• No copyright infringement of your domain name

If you do chose to go for a reputed company, then try out Godaddy. It is one of the renowned companies that provides hosting and domain services. The benefit of choosing Godaddy is that you can avail Godaddy coupons, which will get you flat discounts on domain name registration.

Register your domain name for longer duration:
Preferably at least for 1 year. Actually more the duration, better it is. Not only will you save money, but copyright of your domain name will be safe for that much period. Remember once your domain name expires and in case if you fail to renew it, you’ll lose all the copyright over the domain name.

Beware of copyright infringements
Your domain name shouldn’t at all be similar to any of the existing popular websites or popular brand. Unfortunately some people resort to such foul tactics to increase traffic of their website, but in longer such tactics amounts to huge penalties. Lastly always remember if you are short on cash, you can always use discount coupon codes to your rescue.


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