Have you heard about drop shipping? This is a new method that people are using to sell items online after they get ecommerce web hosting from Network Solutions. It is a way to streamline the flow of products and to get your store running without high startup costs because you do not necessarily need to have any of your items in stock. This also means that you do not need to pay for a warehouse or to pay to rent space in a warehouse that someone else owns. If you are just getting into online selling, this might be a good tactic for you to use.


The way that is works is basically like this: You find a wholesale seller that can provide you with items for a low price. You can pretty much pick any type of item that you want, though electronics are very popular. You then take the information from that site and create a listing to see if you can sell it for more on your own site. When someone buys it, you just take their shipping information and plug it into the wholesale site, buying the item with the money that they already sent you and shipping it directly to them.

The beauty of this system is that you do not have to buy the item unless it sells. If it does not sell, there is no risk to you. The listing just sits there. Hundreds of people could look at it and not buy it, and you are not wasting any warehouse space. All that it takes is one person who wants it, though, and you can then make an instant profit. You are just using the wholesaler seller as you stocking and filling company, and taking any extra money that you make for yourself.


It is sometimes better to sell things that are priced higher to start with because the amount that you raise the price from wholesale is not as noticeable. Remember that every sale is the same to you since the items are not in stock. If you buy a $100 phone and raise the price $100, it is going to take forever to sell it, if you do at all. Doubling the price makes it look too expensive. A $1,200 television that you are selling for $1,300 does not look like that big of a jump, but the profit is the same.


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