Next to the internet, radio advertising is probably the best money for your advertising dollars – this is because everyone listens to the radio and statistics show that this is not going anywhere!



So what are the advantages of radio advertising? First you have close contact with the listener – close one on one contact because your listeners are usually exercising or caught in traffic in the car. This is a captive audience!

Strong Bonding

In addition, listeners have strong bonds with what station they listen too and to certain radio personalities – you need to find out the demographics that closely match yours and that are where to advertize.

More Cost Effective

With radio advertizing which is fairly cheap – you get more “bang for your buck” or meaning that it is more cost effective for you.


Produced Faster

It is also faster to get up and running than television or anything in print media Both of those take forever to get them done and running not to mention the fact that they are super expensive.

Sounds Are Remembered

In addition, the most important advantage of radio is that studies have shown sound is stored in the brains memory banks much more effectively than is anything written. It offers encouragement and emotion which both make the listeners produce there own images.


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