When it comes to create a website, one thinks of the softwares that he/she is going to use to create a best looking website. Everyone try to create the best looking website to attract the users to it. The graphics that you’ll use in your website must be stunning and original. So for creating those images you’ll need some of the best tools available.

Just not the software the machine that you’ll use it must have good graphics too. We prefer you choose Dell’s machine as they are best in the class. You can use Dell voucher codes to reduce the pricing of the machine to save money.

8 Softwares for web design and development you must have are listed below:

1. Inkscape:
Inkscape is one of the best graphic editing tools available in the market. One of the best things about this software is that it is open source software like CorelDraw and illustrator. This software suits best who want to work on clones, alpha blending, markers etc. in their graphic editing process.


After creating a graphic we need to give a finishing touch to it, to do it GIMP is the best tool. It includes all of the necessary tools to edit an image.


3. Dreamweaver
After finishing with the graphic creation, one comes to creating the web pages. Dreamweaver is one of the best development tools when it comes to web development. It provides you two modes of creating a web page, you can either write down the code by yourself or you can switch to designing mode and create a webpage without writing the long codes.


4. Komodo Edit
It is the best XML editing tools available in market, just not this it is a freeware too. You can easily create or edit the XML files you are going to use.


5. Aptana Studio
This tool is very interesting as it focuses on the JavaScript not the HTML. You can create or edit the JavaScript files you’ll use in your website, as JavaScript is also a good language to create online application.


6. Netbeans IDE
When it comes to create dynamic pages for your website, Netbeans proves to be one of the best tools as it provides you the server within itself to run your files locally on your system. It provides two servers naming Apache Tomcat and Glassfish. You can use any of them to rum the dynamic files locally.


7. Smultron
Smultron is another freeware available in market. It is basically created for Mac OS X in order to let OS X users create the web pages easily. It comes with many amazing feature, syntax highlighting is one of them. Just not this, it supports more than 90 languages making it a good choice for web developers.


8. FileZilla
When you are done with creating the website you must have a tool to upload your files to the server. FileZilla is open source tool to provide you the server access. You can easily upload the files to your server using FileZilla.
So these are the 8 must-have software for web designing and development. Download them free and create a stunning website for yourself. For pro versions you can use vouchers and can save money.



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