Although, OLX now has a announcement to share with all of those that use it’s site, they have recently introduced their new application to be downloaded on smart phones and tablets for easy on the go classified ad searching.


With the OLX app download, you can keep yourself updated on all of the new classified posts on OLX from virtually anywhere.


OLX is able to provide individuals with an easier solution that arises with the complications of buying, selling, organizing, discussing, trading, and meeting others around you, where ever you may live.


Now with just a few simple steps, you can be selling something you no longer want or buying something that you might need from one of the greatest classified apps in all of India.


By having access to your account from your mobile phone, you are able to:

• Easily create rich advertisements with photos and content
• Control the buying, selling and activity of the community with your very own account
• Advertise your classifieds on your favorite social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter
• View OLX in the language that you are native in


With the OLX free classifieds app for your mobile phone or tablet, you are able to have more flexibility in when you view the ads and keeping track of the ads that you have posted. You will always know when your account activity has changed, and you can also view the site from anywhere that you are, making it easier to find the things that you want or need.


Keep yourself informed with the new free classifieds application from OLX.


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