Probably one of the most common flea market finds are picture frames and the good news is they are really useful. You can go online to any poster frame depot to buy one according to your needs. Picture or poster frames are being used for adding more beauty to attractive photos and images or for turning a simple picture into a portrait. In addition to framing your artwork and photos, you can also use old picture frames and make the decorations you have always wanted. Below you will find 8 simple ideas to get started.

Mirror; A Popular Choice

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When it comes to old picture frames, mirrors are really popular. They are really dramatic when you are using oversized frames. All you have to do is to make mirror cut to the shape and size of the opening and secure it back. The result will be even better than the expected one.

Wall Décor in Artistic Way

If you want to add architectural interest to the plain room and create illusion of raised wall panels – then simply stain or paint the oversized picture frames in the same color as the one of the room. Hand the frames in a grid and you will see the effect.

Another good idea is to leave the wall space with the frames alone in order to match the wall color. The latter will make the frame look as if they are authentic panels. Otherwise, if you want to add pattern to the room, just frame wallpaper before hanging the frames on the wall.

Framed Chalkboards

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Handy in most kitchens, the framed chalkboards are easy to make and many people enjoy having one of those. Good news is you are not limited to traditional black coloring. Make your own chalkboard paint in the color you want or in the color that suits your interior – the decision is in your hands.

Ephemera Display

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You don’t need mat or glass board in order to turn your old frame into photo display that is out of the ordinary and well known design, but there is one thing you are definitely going to need here and it is a spool wire or string. In order to use spool wire, just cut it a bit larger than the picture frame opening and secure the back of the frame. While hanging the frame on the wall, make sure that you are properly securing the photos because they can fall.

If you want to create a string just lay the picture frame on your work surface and then stretch a few rows of the string across the frame securing the ends of the back of the frame. Depending on your requirement you can use straight rows or angle the strands to create more haphazard effect. Once done hang the frame on the wall!

Install a Corkboard to Turn It into a Memory Board

Believe it or not but an old frame can be easily turned to a memo or memory board by simply installing corkboard inside the opening. If the natural color of the cork seems okay to you, then leave it that way. Otherwise, feel free to repaint in the type of color you want.

Sconce Photo Frames

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Give a plain wall sconce – candle or electric. Finish the frame and the wall space inside it to match. This new art way is liked by many people and even if it sounds a bit cheesy while reading, you will see that the final result will actually surprise you. The latter looks like architectural detail but still makes the sconce look more important.

Use for Jewelry Display

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Vintage picture frames have always been working well as decorative jewelry organizers. If you want to display earrings with hooks all you have to do is to fit the frame with wire mesh. Once you hang it on the wall, just slip the earring hooks through the holes in the mesh. If you want to display clip earrings, fit the frame with horizontal wire rows. And last – paint the plywood or cover it with decorative fabric!

Make a Tabletop Tray

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If you find medium to small size frame with molding that is designed to project into the room, then you can easily turn it into a tabletop tray. Actually the trays are perfect for displaying small collections. The start is really simple – just remove any hanging hardware from the back of the frame – it is important because if you want the results to be good – the frame has to be flat. The next step is creating the base for your tray – just cut a hardboard to fit the empty frame and stain it. Good option is to decoupage it. And if you want to put vintage wallpaper there – top your base with the scrap and then frame it with the picture.

So if have been worrying about what to do with your old photo frames then above mentioned ideas will really inspire your creativity to repurpose those old frames in an artistic way.


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