They are strange, a little bit out there but overall fun and addicting. They are the weirdest games to ever meet the iOS market. We are not sure what the developers had in mind when they were working on these titles, but there is no doubting their efforts have been successful. After all, videogames are supposed to immerse players in alternative realities. In a word, these iPad games push the obscure scale to the limit. Needless to say, you will be happy to know that whatever your interests are, you won’t be bored playing these titles.

Out of the ordinary: The Weirdest iOS Games

• Gauge – The Game; A word of advice for players who download this one. Whatever you do, give it your undivided attention (you will need to). The mission of Gauge is utterly simple, but everything else is far from it. Your goal is to fill up an on-screen gauge meter. While this may seem harmless enough, there are a myriad of crazy obstacles you will have to face, including color changes on the screen, random text that pops up at inconvenient times as well as changes in the game music. You can probably imagine that reaching the top of the gauge is not that easy. Feel up to the challenge?


• Karoshi; Japanese game developers have always had a reputation for crafting some of the craziest titles, and Karoshi is a great example. The goal is to kill (you heard it) not save the main character, who low and behold is named Karoshi. He is a worker who has had enough; instead of using firearms or explosives, popular weapons in these types of games, the player has to solve surprisingly hard puzzles. The weirdest thing of all is that you play as Karoshi, so in effect the aim of this game is to commit suicide!

• The Incident; the title alone is mysterious, and the funny thing is players don’t have a clue what its meaning is. In this game, the goal of each level (seven in total) is to scale mountains of junk to in an attempt to reach The Incident. When you think about it, the premise of the game is in line with many puzzle platformers. However, the thing that makes this title weird is that while traversing the garbage, players have to dodge it as well. If you get hit, you die. Could this be a secret ploy by environmentalists trying to get their message across?


• Monsters Ate My Condo; all you have to do is read the name to know this game is going to be an odd one. Various monsters pop up on screen and you have to destroy them with combo maneuvers that are achieved by merging falling colors. We won’t say anymore, just go play it!

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