Summer is already around the corner and what more to enjoy rather than have a swim in cool water. This inspired me to create a cool typo. so, in this tutorial you are going to add water effects to a text. First, download the Y2K Neophyte font from dafont and the Texture – Water Drop by eRiQ from deviantart.

Open Photoshop and create a new document with the size of 1920 x 1080 pixels and white background. Change your foreground color to white or #FFFFFF and the background color to #8DDBF9. Grab the Gradient tool by hitting the G key. If the tool is the Paint Bucket tool, hold down shift key then hit G to change it to Gradient tool. Drag your mouse on the canvas from top to bottom to create an image like below:


Duplicate this layer by hitting Ctrl + J then Transform this layer by hitting Ctrl + T and resize it in near half like the image below:


Between the resized layer and the background layer, hit Ctrl + Shift + N to make a new layer. Grab the soft round brush tool and set the color to white. Make it a little bit larger than the canvas by setting the size to 1600 pixels while setting its opacity to 55% and the hardness 0%. This will bring about a soft look on the canvas. Click on the center by following the image below:


At the uppermost layer, hit Ctrl + Shift + N again to create new layer and with the brush tool still active click on the position a little above where you clicked on the previous step just like the image below:


Grab the Text tool by hitting the T key and choose the Y2k Neophyte font that you just downloaded. Type the text Water on the document or any other text you like. Drag the text layer and position it at the center just like the image below:


While text layer is still active, bring out the Blending options and follow the configuration below:




Open the water drop image in Photoshop and go back to the document you were previously working on. Make a selection of the text by placing your mouse pointer on the text thumbnail layer. Hold Ctrl key and left click the thumbnail. Grab the Marquee tool by hitting the M key and place it on top of the selected layer. When the mouse pointer changes, click and hold on the layer, drag it on to the water drop image document. Hit Ctrl + Alt + R to bring out the dialog box below and follow the settings:


After applying this settings, copy and paste it on to the other document you previously worked on. Name this layer as water drop layer then change the blending mode into Overlay. If you want to add more of this effect, move the selection to another area, copy and paste it on the same position and change blending mode into Overlay.

Adding more enhancement to the text, duplicate text layer and bring this layer on top of it. Set Opacity of this layer to 70%. Add Level Adjustment layer by going to Layer – New Adjustment Layer – Levels and then apply the settings: Shadow: 0; Midtones: 2.28; Highlights: 255. Below is the final image:



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