In this tutorial you will be learning how to put summer breeze effects on a landscape photo. You can use your own landscape photographs or you can find one on websites specializing in sharing photos taken by users under creative commons license. If you are planning on using the final work commercially, ask permission from the author. Before you start on this tutorial, you are required to familiarize the tools that are going to be used. You need not worry about this since it will be included here.

Open the image you have chosen in Photoshop and get started. The theme for this tutorial is based on Summer Breeze. This will be the image used on this tutorial.


First step is to duplicate the Background layer at the layers menu at the right side of Photoshop. Right click on the background layer and choose duplicate layer. You can also hit Ctrl + J keys simultaneously. After duplicating the layer, hide the background layer and rename the layer above it as Original.


Next step is to add a curve adjustment layer by clicking on the fourth button from the left on the layers window. Choose curves. Make sure the original layer is active by clicking on it before performing this step. This will bring the curve adjustment layer above it.


On the Curves adjustment, click on the two points shown on the first screen shot below. At the right screen shot, you will need to raise the point at the center slightly above it.



Add a new layer above the curve adjustment layer by hitting Ctrl + Shift + N on your keyboard. Since you are going to add a little noise to this layer, label the layer Noise. Add a black fill to this layer by pressing Shift + Backspace and follow the settings below.


Add noise to the black filled layer by going to Filter-> Noise -> Add Noise then follow the settings below.


After adding the noise to the layer, change its blending mode to screen which can be found beside Opacity. After this merge all visible layers by hitting the Ctrl + Alt +Shift + E keys. A new merged layer will appear at the top, leaving the other layers untouched. Rename this layer by slowly double clicking on the name with Diffused Glow. Next, open the Filter Gallery by going to Filter->Filter Gallery. Go to Distort and choose Diffused Glow. Follow the settings below.


Next, add a new layer. Pick up your brush tool, change it to a large, soft round brush. Change the opacity of your brush layer to 25% then brush on the sides where the light naturally passes. Add another new layer, change the foreground color to #fff4ce for a warm light then fill the layer with this color by hitting Alt + backspace. Change the blending mode to Soft Light and lower the opacity to 35%.

Merge all visible layers by hitting Ctrl + Alt + Shift + E. Add Gaussian blur to the layer by going to Filter -> Blur -> Gaussian Blur. Follow the settings below.


Pick up the rectangle tool, make a selection on the subject that you want to focus then click on the Mask icon the layers window. Pick up the brush, with white foreground on, slowly brush on the sides of the subject. This will keep the focus on the subject. Change the foreground to black and paint on the landscape that you want to focus. This will be the final work.



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