Any business that opens up a storefront needs to add an online site to their lists of ways to market their business. A website will help the business to pull in additional revenue from sources other than walk-in traffic or from local advertising ventures.

The online store opens up the business to the entire world, which can make a large difference in whether or not they succeed. Even if they sell tangible products, they can learn to ship globally. In order to ship to other countries, the local post office can help them to get set up. It is extremely easy and profitable. The only tricky part is determining the cost of shipping worldwide. Even that becomes easier as the business gets more experience.


When the business buys the domain name for their business, they need to also purchase bulk domain names to keep their business from becoming confused with other businesses.

There is also the possibility that there may be a rival that buys other names to force the business to buy the domains back.

Microsoft ran into this type of situation in the 1990s when everyone starting buying domain names. There were a few scoundrels that purchased domains that sounded like they belonged to Microsoft.


When people searched through the search engine during that time, these nefarious websites would come up and they would have popup viruses attached to them. Some of those viruses were difficult to remove from a computer. That is not a problem any longer for Microsoft, but to avoid any type of confusion, a business should be all the domain names associated with their business.


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