If you operate a life insurance company, then you understand that visibility is key. With so many competing companies in the insurance business, you want to stand out and make a positive impact. In order to do this, you need to design an effective, informative, and creative website.

People who come to your site should leave with a favorable impression of your company. It should be memorable without being flashy and stylish without being unwelcoming. There’s a fine line between professionalism and brusqueness. You want to project a caring image while still being an authority in the life insurance business. Here are a few ways to maximize your web design potential.

Style & Outline


If you consider your favorite websites, what makes them so memorable? Why is Facebook so recognizable? The answer lies in branding, specifically in colors and images. The iconic “f” icon in blue and white symbolizes Facebook’s branding power.

Clean and simple colors and images make a big impact over flashy, obnoxious designs. Your web design should invite people in. Cool neutrals, like soft browns, blues, and greens, generate this feeling of invitation. You can’t sell anything unless people stay to learn about your product, and people won’t stay on an irritating website.

Features & Services

As a life coverage offering company, you need to offer competitive features on your website, such as rate tracking, insurance calculators, and other widgets. You want to appear neutral while promoting your brand.

Some insurance companies make a commitment to showing customers where they can save money, even if it means they aren’t the best choice. People appreciate being treated like people instead of customers, and it makes them trust those companies more than they otherwise would.

If customers trust you to sample competitive pricing, then chances are, they’ll choose you for your honesty and commitment to service over sales. People appreciate honesty, and they’ll reward you for it. It might seem counter-intuitive but it’s true. People will be more inclined to stay on your website longer if there are useful, interactive features available. And the longer they stay on your site, the more likely they become potential clients.


Facts & Opinions

One of the reasons people don’t shop for life insurance once they already have a plan is because the process itself seems so overwhelming. You can help eliminate this problem by providing a blog section on your website alongside recent life insurance articles and news stories. People love information.

They want to make an informed decision, and one of the best ways you can help them is by offering your expertise in a simple, accessible blog post, updated at least weekly. You can offer general advice and invite them to sit down with you to discuss specifics. In an industry like life insurance, you’re selling knowledge in addition to the insurance. Become a source of that knowledge, and you’ll win over more clients.

As a life insurance agent, you can drive traffic to your site with a clean and simple design that includes useful, relevant features. Including extras like rate comparison widgets and local marketing trends can increase your viability and guarantee that people return to your site.

By maintaining a regular blog, you show that you care about what your clients need to know and can get them the right information to choose the right life insurance plan. Web design is all about driving traffic. Consider investing in a quality design team to ensure your maximum potential.


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