If you want to build a successful online business, then you must prepare an excellent marketing strategy that involves top quality SEO services http://4seohunt.com. Succeeding without SEO is nearly impossible, and in 99% of cases you’ll need to hire a professional company to take care of your website’s search engine optimization.

However, how can you be sure that the company you are planning to work with is credible? Nowadays there are too many companies that offer SEO services and the worst part is that many of them can only offer short-term results while they are claiming that their results are forever. If you are still looking for a SEO company, then here are 9 questions which will help you make the right choice:


1) Are You Familiar with The Latest Google Algorithm Updates?

If a SEO agency is good at what it does, then it certainly must be familiar with the latest changes introduced to the Google algorithm. This includes the DMCA penalties, knowledge graph, exact match domain update, SERPs and more. Read something about the most recent updates and see if the company you are interested is familiar with them. If they can answer this question properly, then proceed with the next one.

2) How Do You Know What Penalized My Website?

Clients usually share their opinions on the Internet and we regularly see complaints from people who claim that their SEO service provider can’t find out what the cause of a penalty is. A good SEO agency is familiar with Penguin and Panda penalties and knows how to get around them.
In order to improve your website’s ranking, the company must be able to identify the issue and resolve it. Of course, they can also continue working on your project without resolving the problem, but this usually means that the issues will become more and more serious.

3) How Much Experience Do You Have?

SEO isn’t simple and while there are some agencies who are good at it despite the fact that they don’t have much experience, it is still a good idea to trust a company which has worked on hundreds of projects and has the necessary experience. The company you are working with should be familiar with:
• Responsive web design
• Responsive user interface
• Top quality user experience
• Handling server codes and 404s
• Optimizing a website’s code
• Consistent URL naming solution
• SEO Friendly content
• Server level redirection
• Dynamic titles & meta descriptions
• A system that works against duplicate content
As you can probably see, some of the questions aren’t related with SEO, but the company must be familiar with them in order to communicate properly with the web designer or other service providers. An inexperienced company may cause conflicts between service providers, waste of resources and errors that will have a negative impact on your business.

4) Do You Have a Link Building Strategy and What It Is?

This is one of the most important questions to ask, so make sure that you don’t miss it. A company must be familiar with the latest link building strategies that work with the Panda and Penguin updates. If your SEO provider:
• Submits your website to unknown directories
• Submits written content to article directories
• Posts guest posts on unknown blogs that don’t bring any traffic
• Uses automated link building tools and services
• Buys backlinks
Then stay away from them. A modern, efficient and professional SEO company will:
• Guest post on blogs that are related with your website’s niche and bring traffic to your website
• Collaborate with similar projects that will bring benefits to you and the other participant
• Improve your website’s social network exposure
• Work with forums and advertisements in order to build high quality links naturally
• Use a link building strategy that actually works and bring traffic

5) Are You Familiar with Content Marketing?

Content marketing stands in the foundation of every SEO project. It involves your ideas and the work of top quality content writers, designers and other content producers who’ll work together to promote and popularize your website. A content marketing strategy should:
• Improve your website’s online exposure
• Find a unique niche for your content
• Will make content that sells your products and services
• Produce qualitative and unique content
• Market the content on high-traffic websites
• Use content marketing tools
• Take advantage of email marketing, social networks, press releases and influencers in order to reach a wider audience.

6) Do You Use Tools? If Yes, For What Purpose?

A good SEO agency will use different tools to reduce costs and enhance results. However, not all tools are good for you. Stay away from companies that:
• Use tools to automate the link building process
• Use tools to create content
• Use tools to generate ideas
• Use tools for social media promotion
A good service provider will use tools in order to:
• Research your competitors and find the potential of ideas
• Research linking opportunities and the results they’d bring
• Research target audience and find more about their expectations
• Track SEO project results and return of investment
• Discover targets, similar projects, competitors and influencers.

7) Are Search Engine Results Guaranteed?

If you haven’t worked with SEO agencies before, then remember this – no company can guarantee your top spot in Google’s search results. This is impossible to achieve and if a company promises you this, then you shouldn’t trust them completely. Of course, they make other promises that are more plausible – for example, many companies guaranteed return of investment or customer satisfaction.

8) Do You Measure Success and How?

Many SEO strategies may instantly bring a lot of artificially generated traffic to your website – this includes paid traffic and referral traffic. However, the goal of any SEO strategy is to bring natural traffic to your website, traffic that comes from search engines. This is why the success of a SEO project isn’t measured with the short-term results. A good company will observe the long-term results and track referral information. The goal of a good SEO plan is to gradually bring increasing traffic to your website.

9) How Will I Learn About Your Progress?

If an agency tells you that they will regularly inform you about the amount of traffic your website generates and how are you ranking in search results, then they aren’t good enough. An experienced, professional and knowledgeable SEO agency will provide you with detailed information about your rankings, traffic, referral websites, amount of traffic that comes from search engines, etc. A good company will also inform you about ROI and tell you how much the project has cost you so far and how much it has generated or is expected to generate.

Final Words

Keep in mind that SEO is all about knowledge and if you can’t find a company that is good enough for your project then stay away from SEO services for now. There is no point in investing in short-term results, so stick around, research other companies and find the one that fully meets your expectations and can deliver the results you need.

Best SEO firm has connections with other service providers – writers, designers, marketing specialists, etc. They will outsource some of the work in order to produce better and more professional results. The best SEO specialists will also involve you in their plans, because your opinion can help them get a better understanding of your expectations and requirements.

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