There are many of these available all over the web. It is just trying to find the free websites for file sharing. Finding these websites can be a very tedious task, so we have gone through the internet for you and bring them to you. Let us review the free websites for file sharing together.

The first site that we are going to review is This site allows you to get two gigabytes free storage simply by signing up and creating an account. Another plus is that this site has an application for Apple Products. The one drawback of this site is that you are given a URL once you upload that you can share with your friends; however the files are deleted for only two weeks (fourteen days).


Another site that you can temporarily upload files to for free is This site allows you to set how long you want the file to stay on the site. The timeframe ranges from thirty minutes to one week. Just like the last site this one gives you a URL to share with your friends to download the files. The major drawback of this site is they have the file size capped at one hundred megabytes.


Windows has a great website for file sharing called Windows Live Skydrive. This application is one of the most advanced web application on the market. This system gives you a storage capacity of twenty five gigabytes of storage free. It is fully integrated with the new system Microsoft Office Live that allows you to utilize online document editing. The main drawbacks of this system are that you are limited to file sizes of a maximum of fifty megabytes and you can only upload up to five files at once without installing Microsoft Silverlight.


Lastly there is a great system called Dropbox that is by far the best system available. When you first sign up for Dropbox you are given a two gigabyte storage capacity, but they give you easy ways to increase this storage upwards beyond fifty gigabytes for free. They also have paid services that allow you to get even further storage available for minimal monthly fees. Their complete integration to your computer or smart phone makes their system excellent in all aspects.


So now you need to figure out if you want temporary storage or permanent storage. Once you have that decided you will then have four great services that are free of charge that you can utilize. Be it storage from your computers for backup purposes or temporary sharing of files for your friends and family these four services are the best free websites for file sharing.


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