As there are many kinds of computers, so there are many kinds of printers. Basically, pairing a printer to complement a computer design is also based on what functions both of them are geared towards.



An inkjet printer from Canon, HP or Epson, comes with a driver (software), which makes it possible for the printer and computer to understand each other. The driver is the middle man between the two devices. Depending on the settings, user needs, the driver offers multiple choices as to performance speed, print quality as well as color profiles and adjustments. An inkjet printer is partnered with a personal computer (PC) that makes them complement each other in design and functionality. It prints fast and can work well with all paper types. Its durability depends on paper used and ink quality.


compact printer

Though small in size, compact printers are big when it comes to features. They are printers having multiple features, but only come in smaller chassis. With such smaller designs, they occupy less space on computer desks. They make a good partner with small computers. Compaq printers are good for those who travel most of the time because they can be easily packed into a suitcase. Hence, they are perfectly paired for Macbooks and other laptops which are also good for traveling. Many of the compact printers use the same ink cartridge as the large inkjet printers. They also come with a battery so they can go wireless for printing quickly anywhere and can last in short presentations if documents need to be done quickly.

Dot Matrix


You don’t hear much about dot matrix printers anymore but they are very durable. They usually just wear out because of the ink that invades the print head guide plate. It makes printing results unclear. Dot matrix printers are easy to maintain and manage. They can work perfectly well with any computer but don’t rely on them for their looks. They are great for printing deign materials because they focus on each spot of ink, but they are not always the most efficient, and hence can slow you down.


laser printer

Laser printers can print in high quality with consistent color perfect as a designer’s choice. Laser color printers produce brilliant colors, features that are easy to use and blazing speed which make the most of every printout. They can be easily set up and managed. Printing is also easy at any size, so printing off that 7pt paper still looks sharp and readable.

They complement a busy computer in a demanding office or in a graphics department which needs a reliable, low maintenance printer. Some models print wirelessly. It works does not often break down and hence allows you to focus more on the task at hand than repairing the printer. Thus, people can focus on their work and the laser printer does it works. Laser printer fits in an office, desktop or floor model and comes in many shapes and sizes with optional additions such as a copying section or photo printer.

What is truly the best printer for you? It all depends on what functions you perform on your computer. If you are printing often and don’t need much detail, you can certainly spend less on a printer because you know the job will be done quickly and efficiently.

If you are a designer who often needs to showcase your work, you may want to spend a little more on a printer whose color can be calibrated so that you never have to make separate files for print and web. If you have many people using the same printer, you’ll want to find a nice medium where the prints look well enough to be presented, but that they are produced in a quick enough fashion for everyone to be able to print their materials.


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