The first site to take a look at is They have icon sets of calendars, office themes, emoticons, social media icons, food, antiques, business icons and more. All in all there are 50 icon sets of high quality on their site for free. Smashing magazine is a popular place for web designers and web workers who want to see trendy pages.


The next on the list of the 10 best web sites for free icons is called They claim to have more than 4000 icons of which all portion are free. Their categories cover holidays, travel and tourism, social media icons, medical icons, specialized, valentines, coquette and plenty more. They have a total of 13 different categories to choose from including a strange one called “grunge”. They look unfinished, but that is the style.


Have you checked out They claim to have over 33,000 free icons and 1202 sets of free icons. What does their collection cover? It is a lot like the last site with holidays, including birthdays covered. They also have baby icons, weather, computer, sports, stock vector, software, color chart, vector car, vector house, office icons and much more. They have a total of 21 categories of icons. Needless to say, they have a large selection that will take hours to look through.


The next site on the list of the 10 best web sites for free icons is called They have hundreds of free and beautifully designed icons that all come in one file. It comes in a compressed zip file but they do give a few hints as to what types of icons you are downloading on their site.

Some are for office sites, some are very general types. An icon of the earth, an umbrella, light bulbs, cameras, question marks, eyes, tennis rackets and a myriad other icons are all in the group. They are all different colors and a uniform size. A zip file on their site is 4.7 megabytes in size to download. Another file with 3000 icons is 8.3 megabytes in size.


Another site for free icons is They are a another large site with all different types and styles of free icons. They have 25 pages of icons that are not classified in any particular way. They each have 40 to 60 icons on each page. Here you will find a very wide variety with Snoopy, smiley faces, letters, lightning icons, Tom (of “Tom and Jerry” cartoons fame), brick walls, flowers, fists, animated flowers, frogs, chess boards, floppy discs, dancers, coffee cups and a lot more. Looking at all that this site has to offer will take up the better part of an afternoon.

The rest of the 10 sites are,,, and one site called That last one has flag icons that look good. There you have your list, so its time to get your free icons.


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