The world is nearly covered by the internet now and those who work online are growing by the thousands. People are learning programming, learning about making web sites, learning about search engine optimization and even mobile applications these days.

As Europe has gained in internet access, they have also exploded in the number of web sites that exist. For example, Germany leads Europe with 84.7 web sites per every 1000 people in their country. Someone has to take care of all those web sites.


A person working in “Computer Systems Design and Related Services ” will make $41 dollars an hour in the United States. If a person lives in India and can make that type of money, they will be doing very well. It has been a normal statistic that a person who can make a decent web page should be able to make $30 dollars per page.

Those who are successful with WordPress templates are charging from $20 dollars up to $60 dollars for their work. If a web site worker lives in a country where the dollar happens to be strong against their country it will be possible to ask for less money.


For those who provide content instead of code online, the price are dependent on your skill and type of work. If you are just starting out you will want to charge a person around 75 to 80 cents per 100 words for your content writing. If you are not just starting out, you should charge upwards from 85 cents to whatever your experience level is. This is just for general content writing, not writing with search engine optimization in mind.


If you are writing for the search engines and are watching the keyword density the price will go higher. If you are just commenting on forums you should start out with around 20 cents per post, depending on how many words the post will have. If you work in a country where the dollar still has a good value in relation to your country’s money, it may be possible to charge less.

Those who work in search engine optimization ( SEO ) can also bring in a good wage, depending on their experience and portfolio. While there are some people who will “guarantee” you a first page ranking on a major search engine for $50 dollars, this may not be the avenue you will want to take.

Learning SEO is a complicated process and you will deserve a good wage for getting a person’s web site on the first page of the major search engines. Professional companies that know SEO like the back of their hand start charging $2500 per month for a contract.


Now that you have a small idea on how much you should charge your client go get what you are worth.


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