Those seeking free fonts will be glad to know some sites are valuable places to download fonts.

The best web sites for free fonts are out there, all you have to do is be able to do a quick search or find a guide.

That is what this article will do for you. Here we will talk about the 10 best web sites for free fonts.

One of the first sites to look at is They have a large selection of font for use on a web site or computer. The examples given are nice looking and can reflect the attitude of many different types of sites. One is called “OldChristmas” and looks like the letters from the days of the Knights of the round table.

It is a calligraphy style with all the lines sure to please a webmaster. Another font that is available on this site is called “Display Dots“. The name pretty much says it all with this web site font. It resembles those rectangular boxes that have the LED messages scrolling by in the cheap stores.


A site that goes by the name of This is a famous site that provides other tools as well to go with their fonts. They call their tool “Edge Web Fonts“. It is powered by something they call “Typekit“, which is a premium web font service from Adobe. This company aims to improve the web by enabling more font adoption for the world wide web. They are high quality fonts from a large company that deserve a look.


The next site to consider is called This is a site that is set up as a directory for other sites that have fonts available. Some of the sites listed on this directory are “Divide By Zero“, which is a fun place that has fonts called “Hockey is Lif”, “Geodesic”, “Technetium” and about twenty more. Finding a site like this that has links to other font sites is like finding a gold mine online. Just looking through all of the font sites listed on one page will take hours.


A site named is the next one on the list here. They claim to offer free font for web designers but most of their fonts seem to be for computers. They are full of font styles of many genres for those who need lots of choices. The site named claims to have 104 fonts for web designers and logo artists. They make a point about designers needing to know about typography on their good looking site.


The rest of the list of 10 best web sites for free fonts are “”, “PizzaDude“, “Type Oasis2 and “Free Font Fiesta“. All of these will be offering their own special brand of fonts for a web site or computer and one site of these, the “Free Font Fiesta” has a huge list of links that a font seeker will be able to sink their teeth into.



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