If you want to do it for free you will want to read this article. Here we will talk about five free web sites where you can hire a web designer.

One of the most popular places to find one will be Digitalpoint.com. This site has been around for years and is still going strong today. This site advertises itself as the largest webmaster community in the world. It has been refined lately to be quicker and a person’s background and “iTrader” was kept in an legacy format.


Digitalpoint has a myriad of sections to choose from and should be the first place to look if you do not want to pay to find a web designer. There are plenty of people present on the forum and the crowd from India is very active. If you want to pay with a credit card once you have found the person you like, it is possible to do it with Paypal from the site itself. The web designer will have to have given their Paypal email to Digitalpoint, but the better ones will.

The next site in the list of five free web sites where you can hire a web designer is called Sitepoint.com. If you do not have an account here yet, it would be a mistake. This site is another one of those established sites that has been around for years. They were the ones to launch Flippa.com, the number one site where people buy and sell web sites. Sitepoint is similar to Digitalpoint in that it is mostly a forum.


It is more involved and has people who are a bit more serious than Digitalpoint. For those looking for a web designer, Sitepoint made a separate site that is accessible from their home page. It is called Sitepointmarket.com. Accounts there are free.

The site has been recently updated to be quick to load. If you look close there are some desperate people there looking for web design. It will be a great place to get your feet wet if you have no experience in hiring a web designer.


The third site in the list of free web sites is nearly as popular as Sitepoint. It is called Freelancer.com. They advertise their site as the world’s largest outsourcing marketplace. They recently bought out Scriptlance.com, which was one of their competitors. They have a policy of giving away one project for free.

But do not be confused, Freelancer will charge for other services, such as hiding a project from the search engines, hiding bids from other users, project commission fees and other sorts of fees. Nevertheless, this site is popular and gets high marks for being thorough.


The last two free sites for finding a web designer are Craigslist.org ( and com ) and Reddit.com. Craigslist is more of a classifieds site and Reddit covers everything under the sun. Getting connected with one of the sites above will more than likely get you a web designer that you like and can trust.



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