The first WordPress plugins are about SEO. There are a few out there that can be used. Some of their names are Yoast, All In One SEO Pack, Google XML Sitemaps, Headspace2, and SEO Blogroll.
They all do pretty much the same thing. They make your site attractive to the search engines. Getting these installed into your WordPress site has varying degrees of difficulty, but not so much that they are impossible to figure out.


The second category of 20 WordPress plugins have to do with the ever popular social scene. There are a few of those plugins available. Some of them are Buddypress, Social Gallery Lite, Social Media Feather, Social Facebook All In One, Social Login, plus more.

The most popular of this group seems to be the Buddypress plugin. Buddypress has the title of, “Social networking in a box“. It can make a WordPress installation more like a CMS ( Content Managament System ). It can be used for a company, a school, a niche community or sports team.


Since mobile is a growing element of web design, there are also WordPress plugins for this as well. Some of them are WP Mobile Detector, Duda Mobile Website Builder, WiziApp, Uppsite, BAAP mobile version or Mobstac WordPress mobile.

here are also downloadable apps for most of the popular mobile operating systems. The iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, Nokia, and even WordPress for WebOS apps are available for download from the WordPress site.


For those who like to make their site a bit more usable, there are lot of plugins for the sidebar. Some of them are Tweet board, Youtube Channel Gallery, and others. A useful sidebar plugin can show the most popular posts on your site, provide a calculator, integrate your site with other sites, show the latest tweets and a whole list of other things.

If you have an idea, it is likely already created by some WordPress designer and can be implemented in a few clicks. From images, to links, to administrative duties and all the rest, a plugin will make your life easier. That is what they are designed for.


The 20 WordPress plugins you must use that were mentioned above are mostly free. All you do is download them using the plugin function that is already included with WordPress. What you will want to check out first, before you download or install one, is if the plugin is compatible with your version of WordPress.

If you are diligent to update your site with the latest version of the software, it is no guarantee that the plugin will stay compatible. The WordPress site will tell you if a certain plugin is compatible with your version of the WordPress software.


Enjoy blogging, love everything about Designs, and a WordPress Evangelist.

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