Take a look at this article while we find 10 free photo web sites for you.

The first free photo web site is called Bigfoto.com. This site is full of wildlife and nature photos. They have elephants, snakes, many classes of birds, insects, sheep, dolphins, penguins, lemurs, horses, zebras, tortoises, lizards and a few of humans as well. There are plenty of other categories of photos linked at the bottom of their pages. Houses and cars as well as abstract photos are found on this free photo web site. It would be hard to include all the categories of photos from this site. It seems to all be freely linked, no email is needed and below is a photo from its site.


The second free photo web site is Freewebphoto.com. This site is more organized and has 19 categories. They are spread out from “abstract” to “vintage”. It is possible to create an account on this web site and they claim you can sell photos as well. Their photos appear to be high quality and watermarked as you can see below.


The third free photo web site is 4freephotos.com. This site is unimaginative and has 13 basic categories. The pages need help from the webmaster because it does not show all the photos in some browsers. Here you will find picture of flowers, clouds, bamboo, boats, bridges, airplane wings, buses, and sports categories. Not many of the photos are protected by a watermark including this one at the bottom.

Towel elephant

Another free photo web site is Freepixels.com. They have many categories, the largest of which is the Nature category. The second largest is the Objects category. There are picture of clouds and stars in the Sky category. There are pictures of human eyes and faces. There are blueberries, apples and peppers in the Food and Drink category. The Architecture category has lots of view of buildings. The photos are not watermarked and lots of them are considering nice shots like this one below.


The fifth free photo site is Public-domain-photos.com. They advertise having 5000 free photos and 8000 free Cliparts. They have a large landscape and travel section. A lot of their travel photos are from the Western section of the USA, such as Arizona, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Sequoia and others. The Animal section is large with plenty of animals to choose from. The photos do not appear to be water marked.


If you look harder on the web there is Photopin.com, Freefoto.ca, Photoscape.org, Stockvault.net, and Thefreesite.com. The last site is a collection of the other sites, similar to a directory of free photo web sites. There is no problem finding free graphics with sites like these. They are there for the taking. Point your browser to any of them for free graphics and satisfaction.


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