The first thing to consider for your pages is the color. Graphics and related items are a good thing to consider for those who are using android to make a web page.

One tool or app to do this with is “Dash of Color Free”. This is a software that is able to take a black and white photo and add color to it. A black and white photo of an eye can be made into a blue eye.


“Photofunia” is another app that can manipulate images and graphics. The app is able to locate a human face and put it into a scene. The app comes with 150 scenes. No cutting or pasting is needed.

Adobe makes an android app. They are up on the times and they have an android app that allows a person to edit photos with a mobile phone. The app can crop, adjust colors, rotate and add artistic effects. “Magic Canvas” is another app that allows the designer to change the color of certain areas of a graphic. It uses a brush that can be sized and resized to suit the taste of the user. Masked and colored viewing options are available with “Magic Canvas”.


For those creating spacey types of web sites, another of the 10 best android apps for designers is called “NASA Images Archive”. As you may have guessed, the realms of outer space can come directly into your smartphone and give you material for your site. Those designing with these quality photos will have an upper hand over those who just get their photos from free photo sites. More than 60,000 images with descriptions are available.


After you have gotten the images prepared the way you want them, its time to go on to other files. An android app called “Solid Explorer” is one that will access the file systems of the smartphone. This really comes in handy not just for web design, but for many things.


To go along with this app is the “920 Text Editor”. As it sounds like, this allows a designer to access HTML, CSS and PHP files, just like a PC. It is similar to a PC type of software. It supports multiple file tabs.

Android does not provide developer tools in its OEM form, but there are apps like “VT View Source” that make up for that. This is a tool that allows anyone to view the underlying HTML on a web page. It comes in handy for those who wonder what other people are doing with their mobile sites.

“KWS” is the name of another app that acts like a web server. For those times that a developer does not have internet, this can come in handy. The last two are “MySQL Connect” and “Hacker’s Keyboard” which give the developer a look at databases and a way to code them easily.


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