In case you are in the world of business, you do understand the importance of a good business card. The right online business cards give other people the opportunity to remember you. Nevertheless, you should seek to be remembered for the positive side. You do not want people throwing away your business card because it features poor printing.

The power of networking

The business card plays an important role in networking, since it gives you an opportunity to create valuable connections. Therefore, it is important to design business cards that are both appealing to potential clients and business partners. It is also not a bad choice to follow a new trends and bring something new which will make your business cards becomes more interesting and doesn’t look outdated. You can see the sample from Call me maybe business cards which is replicate from a popular song and also the rests with unique, creative and beautifully made business cards:

Hairdresser Business Cards


Call Me Maybe Business Cards



Laptop Design Business Cards


The ability to network lies in the understanding that people have a direct contact to others when certain products or services are required. Therefore, business cards play an important role in empowering the bearer by promoting the products or services they offer to the world. Therefore, a business card should be unique for it to be effective.

Bookmark Business Cards


Heidelberg Letterpress


Glow in the Dark Business Cards


In order to personalize the business card several factors need to be taken into consideration including the material and the font.

The material

The type of material used to design the business card needs to be considered carefully. Paying attention to the material offers an important step toward designing an effective card that helps in generating a good impression. The business card should exhibit a sense of durability, sharpness and elegance at all times.

Wood Business Cards


TAMIYA Business Cards


Many people fail to consider the material used for printing the business card carefully. Therefore, it is important to scrutinize the paper used by the printers in designing the business cards. One of the high grade materials utilized should be the 14-point stick coated material with Matte, UV or Aqueous.

It offers the right smoothness that is recommended for elegant full colored business cards. Furthermore, the thickness offers an attractive and durable body. Therefore, the business card can do just fine without additional coating because this is a paper that has been heavily set.

The fonts

The fonts represent the characters that spell out the words that are contained in the printed document. These alphanumeric characters are used for designing as well as communicating clearly, what the bearer would like others to notice and understand. To adjust the business card for emphasis, you can consider modifying for type, size and character type.

It is important to choose the right fonts for the business card. In order to design a card that looks original you can consider combining different font styles. However, you should be careful to avoid a cluttered business card.
To achieve its purpose, the business card should be in a position to gain the respect of other people.

Secret Agent Business Card


Furthermore, the business card should generate a certain feel or style that is recognized within your field. The design should also set you apart from competitors.

Seeking for a balanced design

When designing the business card it is important to settle for a balanced design. The right balance will draw the attention of the holder to the main points of the business card. Therefore, you should avoid crowding the card with unnecessary details.



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