A look back at the web design trends from 2008: large backgrounds, wild overlapping image collections and large images were very popular. From today’s perspective: too much, too big, too colorful and messy. The current web design trends are clear and concise. We’ve picked out five trends that you shouldn’t miss, if you want to create a modern web page.

The blackboard

This trend reminds a little bit of our school time and combines playful components with clear structures. Images and fonts suggest scientific curiosity and competence. The white chalk on green or black background is a strong contrast and is able to guide the readers attention on important messages. The Greek website “justdot” is a perfect example how you could implement this design.

Divided banners

More and more websites use banners whose ends are split. These graphical elements reminds us at vintage tattoos, where similar banners flutter saying „Mom“ on red hearts. A fine example of how this trend is used, is the Norwegian homepage “Moodsofnorway”. The banner is split and appears four times on their page.

Potato-chip logo

Cool logos are the evergreen among web design trends. Very popular is the so-called potato chip logo. Its name comes from its oval shape, which looks like these salty junk foods. We have found it, among many other Logo Trends at “logolounge.com”.

Sewing look

A good example of the currently very fashionable sewing look can be found at “MoodsofNorway”. As always, the selected graphical elements have to fit to the content – in this example, it fits perfectly, because the site embodies luxury and ease – the leather and sewing look, complete this overall impression.

Multi-column structure and tiles

In contrast to the above-mentioned image collections of the past, popular sites like Pinterest currently have a very clear structure. The reader knows right away where he can access the most important functions of the website. Multi-column structures and tiles are a great way to create the same user experience for your site.

Particularly interesting is the split-or tile-shaped side structure for online stores, because their customers can see the product offering at a glance. Here is a perfect example from the shop “Neuarmy”.

Great typography

Large headlines is a new trend for web designers, that have too much empty space on their website. What really matters is that font always fits to the topic of the text, if you use this graphical element. You can see that at our example “Trentwalton”, in which the title is supplemented with a logo that reminds of pine trees, which fits very well to the article “Into the woods”.

That was a small selection of the latest web design trends. Feel free to visit the mentioned sites to get a better idea how to implement their designs.

We are excited to see which new trends we will see in the coming months. Maybe we don’t want to see clear designes anymore and we’ll see a comeback of great backgrounds and wild animations. We will keep you up to date!


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