For many years China has been ahead much of the world when it comes to electronics, technology and gadgets. Sadly their web and graphic design skills didn’t match this and their websites were often left lacking something compared to the rest of the world.

Web design trends are constantly changing, which can make it hard to keep up. Believe it or not there are fashions when it comes to web design and how people choose to have their website – and finally China seems to be paying attention and changing their website design protocols accordingly!

Current Web Design Trends

The current trend for websites is very metro looking. People want their website to reflect their products which means it is often modern looking websites. Customers are demanding easy to use websites which means the designs need to be sleek and uncluttered. It seems with Chinese website front runners such as, they are finally paying attention to this!

Limited Budgets

Much of Chinas website design problem was the limited budgets that companies allocated to having a website made. This mean that options were limited when it came to design and often companies could not afford to hire skilled web designers to do the job.

However it seems that with a few bigger websites in China leading the way, companies are finally recognising the need for a decent web design. They are now more in tune with the need to have an easy to use user interface as well as a website that captures people’s attention.

What Does This Mean For The Future?

Within the technology industry China did not take long to catch up with and indeed overtake much of the rest of the world. They weren’t always ahead of countries such as America and England when it came to design and technology but once they started to realise the importance of this, they soon over look them.

China and many of their bigger companies are now investing big money into making decent websites happen. If the past trend of China overtaking other countries continues then it looks like they could soon become the frontrunners of web design technology. This could leave the rest of the world looking to them for help, advice and inspiration.

Future Designs

Although Chinese website design is taking notice of what is current and trending, they also stick to their roots. This means that you will see loads of traditional Chinese art, text and inspiration pieces incorporated into the web design that many of these companies put together. This isn’t a bad thing but it could be interesting to see how this will translate and work when it is incorporated into designs made by the rest of the world.


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