Social networking is an ideal way to build up a customer base and even get in touch with new potential customers so if you aren’t already, you should be involved in this!

Social networking websites you should be on are:


Facebook allow you to create a page for your business in which people can “like” your product. This page can include information, contact details, photos of products and even special offers. The great thing about having a Facebook page is that when someone “likes” your page their friends can see this – which is going to encourage them to have a look at what is going on. This can be a great way of getting new customers.


Twitter is known for its celebrity fans; however as a business you can also use this. Twitter is a fantastic way to network with other websites and companies. You can encourage your customers to follow you on twitter and ‘tweet’ them with special offers and news to help bring in business and sell more products. Hashtags are popular on twitter and once you get used to these you can really help bring in business. For example you can get involved in #FollowFriday and recommend to your followers that they follow other local businesses. In return these businesses can promote you and hopefully you can all benefit from the extra traffic that being involved in twitter can bring.


Tumblr is one of the little known social networking websites but it is not to be overlooked. Whether you want to share videos, links or text posts you can do this on Tumblr. The great thing about Tumblr is that your page can be designed to look exactly how you want it to! People can ‘follow’ your page and like your posts. If they like one of your posts they can reblog it, which allows all of their followers to see this post – great for networking!


LinkedIn is a social networking website that is designed just for businesses and business people. You can set up a profile on this site which includes your resume and links to all of your work. In fact you can even ask people you have worked with previously to log in and leave you recommendations – which is going to help to generate new business!


Pinterest is a great website for all sorts of industries. Pinterest is designed to be like a pinboard, where people can pin to a wall items that they are interested in. Whether this is a link or a photo, when people pin an item then all of their Pinterest friends can see this. You can upload photos of your products and encourage people to share these in order to help generate new business and encourage people to visit your website.


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