Delivering the Purpose

The image used should be spot on in serving the purpose. It should deliver for what it is being used, otherwise it will draw flak. If your website is picture perfect, it will stimulate the senses of every concerned. At times it may give you returns beyond expectations.

Types of pictures that can have an amazing effect

Pictures of famous personalities, classy backgrounds, traditional images, romantic moods, exotic locations, occasions or that of a particular product to be highlighted are sufficient enough to steal the limelight.

These pictures add beauty to your website and remain fresh in the memories of the visitors. They also give an idea of how the place, object or service to be given will look like.
If pictures do not serve the purpose of your site, then you can opt for images or graphics. These also have a classy impact.

Uniqueness of images

Always be unique in the selection of images. Normal or commonly used images will keep a low profile and are least appealing. Instead you can use professional images of your business and organization.

They will add some crispiness and highlight the worth of your purpose. You also have the option of purchasing the rights of an image. This will relieve you of the tension, of the image being proliferated. Your website’s uniqueness will remain intact.

Eye soothing colors and perfect matching

Color not only draws attention but captivates the visitors to your site with its persona. You get instant reactions in the form of rave reviews. There are certain colors that denote expressions, emotions and various other actions of life. If this is taken into account then your image will stand out tall.

Highlighting modes
If you wish to highlight a distinctive mode or a certain detail of an image, choose a prominent area on or around the image.

Choosing the right format

JPEG is the right format for photos. Text should not be included because they do not appeal much to the site visitors. If an image with graphics is used then PNG should be used. A PNG is usually of smaller size than the equivalent GIF and will not lose in quality just as a JPEG image does. At times PNG can be larger as a replacement for JPEG. But in some cases, this is still more likely to use JPEG despite its larger size.

Size selection

Use an image that fits in the slot or the space you wish it to be. First measure the space and then go for the perfect choice. Otherwise it will occupy unwanted space and seem like a popping Tom. This will bring you criticism from the targeted audience.
Still if you cannot find the right size of images then take the aid of Photoshop. Do some tricky editing and add the desired touch.

While developing a website, take the right and most important steps for image selection. If colors and shades are carefully maintained, the tempo of your site will be consistent. I am sure your website will receive maximum hits and rewards, in the form of great business.


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