Let’s talk about creative card design for instance. We all know that this is a really good way to promote whatever you do and people might remember you easily if your card isn’t just another boring business card in a standard form, shape or color.

To be more specific, there is no rule in creating business cards only in square shape, if you want to get notice and being remembered from peoples who are receiving your cards, you might want to choose a die cast business card which also available to print online and be able to create your own design at 48hourprint.

Once you choose to have creative business cards, you have to think of the perfect design that would be right for them, in order for the right information to fit in; otherwise they might end up being useless.

Hopefully this list of creative business cards will inspire you to create your own size and design and impress your future clients.

This great collection 25 Creative Business Cards below!

1. Lawyer Business Card

2. FeelMe Crew Business Card

3. Casabella Furniture: Sofa

5. Lose Your Belly

6. Lens Shape Business Card

7. NationBuilder Pop-up Business Card

8. Thielen Designs Business Card

9. Base One Business Cards

10. Creative business card by REACTOR

10. Michael But Business Card

11. Easel Business Card by egil.paulsen


13. Basta Business Cards

14. Yoga One Business Card

15. Business Card by Junge Schachtel

16. Die-Cart Business Card by 24hourprint

17. Business Card by Ethan Martin

18. Meat Card

19. Chris Fisher Business Card

20. Akufen Business Card

21. Tactix Business Cards

22. SupaFly.Designs Business Card

23. Max Steiner – Everyday Hero

24. Sergio Delgado Business Card

25. Business Cards for Sage Media


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