Another thing to consider is the screen size since your site will be viewed through a mobile. Your website should be viewable even through smaller screens. There are companies that fail to develop an effective mobile version of their website because they argue that there is still plenty of time for such adjustments. Unfortunately, what they don’t know is that the best time to make a mobile version of their website is today. If you are conscious enough about the online reputation of your business and want to create a mobile version of your site you need to focus over following things to make it a success. 

1. Minimalist Design

Tone down your website by providing a clean and minimalist design. There is no need for cluttering images, flash and other elements that would make your site look busy. It is very important to create a clutter-free and readable space that will offer what your customers need.

2. Tap Navigations


Your website should be easy to navigate through taps. Unnecessary website features should be omitted so you can easily tap the links and other buttons. Making an easy-tap design that does not require clicks is very important in making a user-friendly site. You must remember one thing that user-friendliness is a factor which can attract huge online traffic towards your site. 

3. Choose Vertical Navigation


Instead of choosing horizontal scrolls, switch to vertical scrolls for easy navigation. You can also add a collapsible navigation so viewers can expand blocks and close the ones that are not needed. You know that easy navigation is one of great factors for successful web design so you need to keep this thing in mind while designing mobile version. 
4. Switch to Single Column Layout



The best web layout for the mobile version of a website is a single column layout. It saves space and makes your website viewable in different resolutions. This way, your website remains readable even when flipped sideways or portraits. So don’t go for a design with multiple columns as it will just create a mess over your gadget rather than producing a fine and clean design pattern.
It is very important to choose a responsible web design that can be easily moved to a single column site from a multi-column site. Furthermore, providing an interaction feedback will help users to distinguish the actions they have made. This way, with an interaction signal, when a user taps a certain button they can see that it is registered.

For instance, you can have the colors change from one color to another when an action is made. It is easy to distinguish this kind of action if you are using a desktop or computer. However, when using a mobile browser it is quite difficult to see, hence you will need an interaction feedback. It is a very important element in mobile design.
Test-Run Your Mobile Website
After you have finished creating a mobile version of your website, it is time to test-run your design to see if it works well. You must test- run your website in different devices enough times. This way, you can see if the display is okay with other devices.


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