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It is recommended to put a picture of a subject, it can be a woman / man in front side of the brochure or typography which is now a new trends that looks stands out enough for getting people attention. It is used in almost every product in the world. Even the big companies use the services of well known public figures such as celebrities, sports athletes, beauty queens community leaders and leaders of large organizations. Of course, do not forget to put our product photos, because it is all about our products that being sold.

Photos of people who use our products should not be arbitrary. It must be adapted to the products we sell. For example if a products sold are cosmetics or beauty tools, it should display female figure who also beautiful and interesting. If the product sold is diaper, then show the baby who was healthy, has clean skin, have facial expressions that are adorable and funny.

Use a title that could draw attention to play the emotions that attract the attention of consumers who read, make them wants to continue to read and share with their circles of connection with social networks . The title is usually printed very large, has a unique typeface, brightly colored and dominated the front page of the brochure. The words or phrases used should not be too long, so the title should be short but can represent promotional programs or products sold. Sometimes we are hard pressed to find the words that became the key to advertise our product. Therefore do not be hasty in determining these key words.

Make several alternative titles / keywords, and then ask a few people around us what they think of those words. Make a small survey to be convinced that you are using word title that attracted many people. Examples of the use of the title that often used like: “BREAST FEEDING”, “massive discount”, “Buy 1 get 2”, “Protect Your Car”, “Special Menu”, “15 minutes from the motorway “and others.

Use color choices to suit your product and target consumer. It is also very important because the use of certain colors turned out to affect the level of consumer appeal / certain groups. For example, for your children’s toys it would be more suitable and more attractive when use bright colors as the color base. For accessory product which usually targeted for girls it would be more interesting if it use pink color. For electronic products or high-tech goods will usually use a lot of blue, red and black. For exclusive interior products would be better to use a lot of brown, crème and black. So the composition of these colors work well in attracting the attention of people with different segments.

Embed Price (if possible) or your product offer. If you believe that your product is the cheapest price from other products which have the same quality (point of interest products), do not hesitate to include them. Even if possible, make it as an element of the price in the title and printed large and dominant. Low price and good quality is the desire of each customer. Therefore, consumers would be interested if price of the product they are looking for turns out there are cheaper than others.

Use the special marker on the title as the form of stars, ovals, circles, boxes, arrows and other shapes or add some logo to communicate visually. This serves to further reinforce the impression from the title that has been determined. We do not need to use all of the above ways for us to enter into a commercial product. It may only need one or two ways that we can incorporate in our advertising material and not all of the above we can use simultaneously, so choose the right method for your advertisements.

Once we determine what method we will use to pose an intriguing first impression minds and hearts of consumers, then we will go into the next phase of how to order a brochure that capable of encouraging interest (interest) from consumers of our products. The design concept of the above will help you to produce a visual result in this brochure.

Make Subtitles that are briefly explained the purpose of the title. Subtitles are usually a short sentence that contains brief illustrations that can make people wants to see more. So if the title is usually only uses a few words, then the subtitle is usually a phrase that has meaning to strengthen and reinforce the impression of the title.
The sentence should be able to provoke the reader’s mind to be eager to see / read in detail the contents of the pamphlet into. Subtitles locations mentioned in the layout design should not be too far away from the title. To avoid chaotic between Main Title with subtitle, then the size of the letters should be distinguished. Do not make the subtitles font size larger than the main title. So the Main title should remain dominant.

Some example of subtitles that could encourage consumer interest: “CLEARANCE SALE!”Then the sub title we could add the phrase” Get exciting and quality products at low prices. “Other example is when you use the title ” OBESITY PROBLEM?” Then the subtitle in order to further drive consumer interest we could use something like this;” Overcome with our latest methods. Free of pain and without surgery. “After reading the subtitle of Consumer and nascent interest of our products, the consumer curiosity should be satisfied when they read in more detailed description of our brochure.
For brochure form by writing a review paragraph, I suggest to make the same style in order to create harmony. Just like making theses, letters and other office supplies. They all have the same style.

In order for our brochure to attract consumers, the overall layout should be able to illustrate or describe the excellence of our products well. Make descriptions that describe in more detail the features of the products sold. The pictures in the brochure should clearly expose the selling point of the product.
Explain to the customer that our products will make their lives better. And it’s better to explain also that after buying a product they do not need to be afraid of after sales service. If the product has a warranty, then also inform the consumer through the leaflets. Embed special discounts that you can give to consumers if any.

On certain products such as electronics or automotive, you should insert an image / photo parts of the product that has the advantage of functioning. If we take the example from a car product that will be sold, then show pictures such as a cool wheel, comfortable seating, a luxurious interior, a leather dashboard or show its powerful engines. Give information associated with the image / picture / icon displayed.

Give enough free space. Space that is too full will distracts people attention and makes them lazy to read or see our ads. In some visual communication applied sciences, there are several things to consider in communicating with people and in this case, is a future client.

These elements are:
1. Unity (unity)
2. Equilibrium (balance)
3. The proportion (proportion)
4. Rhythm (Rhythm)
5. Domination (Domination)
By following the above design concept, then hopefully you will have successful brochure variables that could communicate the product well.

Once the curiosity of consumers satisfied with our products, we certainly wanted to lead them to take action soon. Take Action to directly contact our phone number, or directly come to the address of the store / counter nearby, or even directly purchase if by chance we are distributing flyers at a bazaar / exhibition.

Therefore do not forget to always include the address and telephone number and the name of the person who can be reached. If by any chance the product we sell in some places or have multiple branches, then Included all address & telephone number that clearly exist. Another effect of the inclusion of all available addresses would make consumers more confident to buy, because it signifies the efforts we developed and are developing rapidly.
Writing addresses and phone numbers are also an important part to be concern with. This writing should not be too big, which is important to read them properly with placement is better laid in the back or at the bottom of the page brochure.


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