Yes, by using only a pencil, Ramon Bruin has incredibly talent for bringing up multiple techniques that will trick your eyes to something that looks so real especially when he’s combining his drawing with a real object. This Dutch artist also know how to play with color and proportional in size that turns his creation to something even more real. You can also see his unique style judging from his artworks, so would like to challenge your eyes? See and believing..

1. Eye of a monster

2. Me and myself

3. You kiddin me?

4. Snake

5. Feather of a raven

6. Crawling out

7. Bridge

8. Caterpillar

9. Hold me Pencil

10. Toiletpaper planecrach

11. Scorpion

12. Maya Buddha

13. Ladderboys

14. Jump Froggie

15. Bookshelf rats

16. Hold the candle

17. Look at my hand

18. What a good partner

19. Cuff me

20. Graffiti


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