It is a good time to start a new thing for your life in a new year, so we choose this topic to help a web designer who is ready to start their own business by presenting this collection of Cool and Nice landing page. Hopefully, there is still enough time with 2months left before the new year especially with the holiday approaching.

And when it comes for your own design, there is too much to think and wants without mentioning of getting nervous since this might be your first step of doing your own business by start to open a so called web design studio or agency and the first thing comes to mind is you’ll had a wonderful cool landing page for grabbing people attention to look more and click for another page.

Sounds simple but unfortunately not, you need to present something nice to gain visitor curiosity when they first land on your landing page. By doing this, they will go more deep to your site to know more about what you’re doing, what did you offer and how did you do it etc.

This can be a major turn off if you don’t have something interested for people to see. Despite all the other things or how much you’re charging, there is one thing you must to obey : Have a nice cool landing page like these existed web design studios. There are 13 to choose from, why is 13? it’s just a number comes to mind when I think of Halloween.
So, open your eyes and start to think of what you’d like to have for your own first landing page.

We know it might be easy for you but sometimes it’s not easy to do it for your self rather than you’re doing it for someone else. We hope there is some or at least one that catch your eyes and get inspired from it, Good luck and share your thought of which one you like best!

Website Design Studio

Gravitate Design


Lateral line


Effect Web Agency



New Brand Vision

DNA Web Agency

Happy Cog




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