Today we’d like to present you a collection of Best Facebook Templates we liked best. Most of these Facebook templates are use for personal page which you can modify the contents freely. There are some of them that can be use for Business or Entertainment like Music with its Grunge and modern look.

So, either you just want to use for a compliment to your facebook friends or show your portfolio, these templates are worth to have. The modern style with beautiful colors that blends together, there is nothing you’d like to indulge rather than getting one of this template for your facebook page. Hope you find what you like and get more “Like” after using this template.

Awesome HTML5 Facebook Templates collection:

1. Iphone App HTML5 Facebook Template

2. Wall Gallery HTML5 Facebook Template

3. Photo Portfolio HTML5 Facebook Template

4. Art Photographer HTML5 Facebook Template

5. XMAS Flash Postcards

6. Personal Fan Blog HTML5 Facebook Template

7. Star FM Radio Station HTML5 Facebook Template

8. Image Wall HTML5 Facebook Template

9. VCard Black & White HTML Facebook Template

10. Green VCard HTML5 Facebook Template



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