This could make the business and internet world become increasingly fluent as supported systems and reliable network. So, it is useful for you to understand how to switch your hosting to Hostgator.

Perhaps because I’m run out of my bandwidth and it could interfere with the performance of my website to compete in the contest on the theme of Acer Tablet Best Cheap Android Honeycomb. With a variety of considerations I finally decided to move my hosting and share the experience. Here are the steps I did and hopefully it’s work for you too.

First step how to transfer your site into Hostgator
• First, you should backup the data on your old hosting, remember to always back up your data for a precaution reason. On the menu click Cpanel file manager, check the wp-content folder then compress and zip them.
• After that, download the file and save it on your computer hard drive. After this return to cpanel and click the Backup icon.
• Download both files (Wp-content and database backup) make sure it’s not corrupt, how to ensure it is ok? Please extract (test) the files first, if it able to do the extract, it means there’s no problem with the file.

The second step :
• At Hostgator Cpanel, you have to install WordPress, by using fantastico or softacolous.
Back to cpanel and open phpMyAdmin
• Replace the new database with the old one, Go to WordPress database that newly installed, check all the contents and drop, until the database was empty / don’t have any data. And now you can upload the database that you download at the first step. Just browse your download database file, and then click GO, if it is finished then your database will be filled with your old database.
• The process database is finished and now you can back to Cpanel. Go file manager, delete the wp-content folder, replace the old wp content and then you have saved on your computer hard disk.
• Please upload the, if it was already finished, and then you can extract. Then it will be back to the wp-content folder which is wp-content containing your old data.

The Final step:
• The final way to move hosting to HostGator, is setting your domain Name servers into Name servers hostgator, If it’s your first time to register in the hosting provider, you will be given information by email for the Name servers, passwords and links required from HostGator.
• How to make it live, you just go to domain settings and change the Nameserver 1 and Nameserver 2, then you can follow in the update menu.
• After that you just need to wait some time to connect with your domain hosting hostgator.
If the website goes live, go to wp-admin and if you can do the update if there’s an instruction to do so, and it’s done, you can see your site up and running. Hopefully this tutorial is working for you.


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