Bad designs, poor copy choices, awkward layouts and dull visuals can all cause increased bounce rates, and can be major turn offs. On the other hand, of course, fresh, vibrant, beautiful and inspiring designs can have the opposite effect, and can decrease your bounce rates and increase your conversion rates.

Every so often, you come across a landing page that almost forces you to stare at it – a landing page that’s captivating, and is so visually appealing that it grabs your attention and draws you in.

These landing pages are incredibly hard to design – they take a great designer to produce – but when done correctly, they can be fantastic.

Other landing pages are able to draw your attention even without being bright and colourful – sometimes they can use bold imagery or a huge illustrative photo to capture your attention, or perhaps just one splash of colour that draws your eye.

We’ve brought together a showcase of bold, innovative and creative landing pages that all do a great job of getting your attention. We hope you find the collection a useful source of inspiration for your next landing page design project.



Ben The Bodyguard







Are there any beautifully designed, creative and attention grabbing landing pages that you’d like to share? Please do let us know in the comments.

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Dan writes for The Handpicked Collection, who specialize in creative gifts for her. In his spare time he enjoys studying both graphic and web design.

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