First of all you should add the Google AdSense advertisement code that is given to you as well as a privacy policy link. This is good practice and it gives consumers confidence when they visit your blog.

It is possible to add both those elements using the text widgets as long as you are running WordPress 2.2 or higher.
Those users who are still running on older versions can install a widgets plugin for this purpose and make sure that the theme you are using is widget-ready and it’s customizable.

The 10 Step Process

1. Create a Google Adsense account.
or Log into your Google Adsense account if you have one, there is a separate process for setting one up if you do not have it at the moment.

2. Click on the ‘My Ads’ at the top of your screen.
You should select the option to get ‘New ad unit’ for new advertisements. This is where you can access previous advertisements for purposes of managing them.

3. Create your advertisement.
When you create an advertisement, Google AdSense will give you a code which needs to be displayed on your page.
The code can also be accessed by going to the ‘Adsense Setup’ tab and selecting ‘Manage Ads’. Click on the code link on the right hand of your advertisement unit.

4. Open a new tab on your browser window without closing the AdSense tag.
Log into your WordPress account as an administrator. Follow the following steps:
i. Click on the Appearance Menu. It is located on the left side of your WordPress dashboard. Select the Widgets Option.
ii. The available widgets will be in the middle column while the right column shows the one that are available for the current theme you have selected. Some of the themes have no sidebar and this makes it difficult to place ads.
iii. Install the WordPress widgets plugin manually if your theme does not support the step. Alternatively you can change the theme.

5. You should click on the widgets area which is in the right column. It will open up.

6. Drag the Text Widget Box from the middle column until it falls within the widget area.
This is found on the right column.

7. Click on the right corner of the text widget. It will open.

8. Use the copy and paste function to put your Google AdSense code in the Text Widget Area.

9. You should then click on the save button.
This is found at the bottom right corner of the Text Widget. You will then save your Google AdSense code.

10. Refresh your WordPress Blog page.
Once you refresh your WordPress Blog, the Google Adsense ads will be visible within the widget area that has just been edited.

It is possible to add as many Text Widgets as you need. However Google AdSense has a rule that you can only put three advertisements units on each page. Likewise you will need to find a host that allows you to monetize content. WordPress does not allow you to monetize your content.


Enjoy blogging, love everything about Designs, and a WordPress Evangelist.

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