Still remember on our previous article about Cool and Creative packaging? This time we’re going to sorting out some of The Best Packaging out there with more creative design and turns out to be unique and fun. Never underestimate the power of packaging with their ability to makes your products stunning and stands out from the crowd. Still wondering why packaging is so powerful? check for yourself below and get the idea as we’ve gathered some to share with you today and will continue to do so on the next part, so, keeping coming back to see more of them.

1. Mulher Rubber Watch

2. DKNY Apple Candy Perfume

3. Anti Smoke Cigarettes

4. No More Sex Condoms

5. Floppy Disc Case

6. Upside Down Business Bottle

7. Creative Pack T-Shirt

8. Mustache Brush

9. St.Stephen Hair Accessories

10. Rabbit Plastic Bag


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