By using only pencil, paper, his amazing talents and inspired from photograph, he creates beautiful works of arts that stunningly mimics reality, it’s like you are staring at a photograph or picture. He wants to describes not only a physical attributes or figure but the inner self of persons presence. He described his approach on techniques as both “representational and lyrical”, using marks like words and textured areas like paragraphs. It’s like telling a story about a human being.

The reason for him to choose drawing over painting is it allows him to create layers over layers of lines and dots which react to each other. And using photo as reference but not aiming for a perfect reproduction, the main concern is to capture the essence of each subject more deeply and he sure proof what he described in his creations. See some of his amazing works below:



Drawn Face

De-ja Vu

Fractures detail

Human condition

Lemon world



Black Sun


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