The actual economic climate is speeding up this process and it’s no wonder that a web designer should know to manipulate the Internet users to focus on what the website owner needs (usually on call-to-action buttons, banners promoting special discounts or new products). Definitely, a web designer must have some knowledge in marketing, else his websites may suffer and implicitly, his career will be negatively influenced. In conclusion, instead of dreaming to a position where you should only create layouts, it is better to be prepared for the future and learn some tips from marketing. Here I created a list containing some tips to learn from a marketing expert; there are many other aspects but these are the most important. Feel free to add your own tips via comment form or share your opinion about what should be learn from marketing best practices.

1.       It’s not enough to be the best

Some of us consider that being the best in their domain of activity must assure them the best incomes and a special statute. Unfortunately, these days are passed…The good news is that the quality will always be appreciated but having a strong marketing strategy will shorten the time until reaching the level of top star designer. Once again, I don’t encourage promoting without having something to promote- good portfolio, interesting works etc.

So, no matter how talented you are, it is highly recommended to promote your services and make some buzz around you.

2.       Planning is as important as the execution

Many people are disregarding the planning activity because of the false conception that, if there is no line written, its utility is zero. It’s totally wrong! Planning is vital for the success of everyone and everything. A web designer must have a clear plan for the near future that should answer to some very important questions as: “should I work as web designer into an agency or should I practice freelancing?”, “is it better to diversify my services or should I sharpen my skills in making cool layouts?”. A clear vision over the future is specific to marketers and any web designer must borrow this feature.

3.       Every designer must have a self-promoting strategy

Marketing experts taught us, until now, that it is not enough to be the best and the planning is capital in the overall activity. Therefore, it’s pretty normal to combine the two above ideas to give birth to a new tip: the existence of a self-promoting strategy.

A web designer must attempt to create a good image into the community. Usually a “brand” attracts more interesting work proposals, and therefore your career is dependent on a good self-promoting strategy. Anyway, it is tenfold times better to prepare your future instead of the future to prepare yourself.

4.       Build a team around you

This tip isn’t specific only to marketing but it’s often emphasized by the ones involved in this domain. No matter how industrious you are, the big projects require a huge volume of work that usually can’t be realized by a single person. If you are working into an agency try to form a team, no matter who is the chief. This team must be made up from designers that perfectly know their roles- it is better to be active friends and not very good work colleagues. The same idea when the designer prefers freelancing, it’s impossible to gain an important project without some collaborators.

                I must warn you that creating a good team requires time and good luck , it surely won’t be an easy selection.

5.       Marketing must have clear results

Nowadays, the term “marketing” is too often used and its value is deprecated… almost everyone know how to spend a lot of money by marketing your services but in fact the results are insignificant and willing or not, the money are thrown out the window. The real marketers are very pragmatic and quantify any actions and this idea must be applied by any web designer. You shouldn’t go to the other extremity, expecting instantly results from any action.

6.       Don’t ignore social media

A very trendy and useful tool that is praised by marketing experts is social media. This idea is simply to put in practice: create a Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter account and start sharing information. You must pay close attention because using social media to promote your services is different from gossiping with your friends. The Internet is full of blogs explaining how to successfully benefit from the use of social media.

7.       Be flexible and open to everything new!

It’s very important to apply this tip. The designers that neglected the new versions of HTML and CSS or the responsive design right now are considered outdated and the clients won’t hire them. Instead, the ones that were receptive have many projects in queue because the clients must adapt their online presences to the new trends, the extensive use of smartphones. Avoid the too conservationist approach and be open to everything new!

In the end, I hope that these tips will be very useful for you and I wish you all the best in your web design career!




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Daniel Pintilie works for conversion optimization consulting Company Invesp and enjoys writing on ecommerce page optimization and killer landing pages.

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